The Ripple Effect Day 3 #100days

Hello it’s day 3 of my #100day blogging challenge, thank you for reading yesterdays efforts I am really thrilled that I am getting feedback on my facebook page  it’s great to know that you are finding it useful in some way.  I certainly am.

Setting the challenge has made me sit up and achieve and although I nearly didn’t blog yesterday because I was entertaining friends and it was late, I was tired etc.  I managed to Activate my energy to Blog which means that I didn’t fail – I pushed myself more because I had committed myself to this ….

So the ripple effect is already happening with this blogging, all started by Donna Thompson a fabulous woman who I have met recently who co-owns and runs a fabulous company  take a look sometime.

Well because she is a get up and do it type person who shares the good stuff, she shared an article about setting the challenge and a few of us has taken it up – there’s the proverbial stone being thrown into the waters and hence the ripple starts.

So I start to blog and low and behold, others have read and been inspired and have taken it upon themselves to also set challenges – Ripple away…..

As for my personal Effect…. I believe the real big Starting point for my ripple was on a fine sunny day last year 2015, when I was visiting Scarisbrick Marina’s café with my husband Simon and my mum Patricia.  I noticed that there was a small boat for sale called Tadpole and I asked Simon if I could take a look at it. He ignored me, he does that, if he doesn’t want to say yes to something he pretends he hasn’t heard me !!! (ha ha – I’m on to him now !!!)

So wandering around I got chatting to two fine fellows who owned narrow boats John Gibbons and Mike Stringman and I mentioned the boat that was for sale, they were very encouraging and I said I wanted to take a look….


The two men looked at me and laughed …….   6 weeks later they both watched as my Atlanta 24 River Cruiser (Tupperware boat) was launched into the fine waters of the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Scarisbrick Marina – John was aboard and helped steer the boat into its first mooring…..

I had a boat !!!!!   a harrrrrrrrrr (tempted to say me hearties… but I will refrain)

So take that ripple Simon Fell !!! now how on earth did I get the very negative husband to agree to this

Simple, I asked

I created a momentum, I showed him pictures of boats (mainly tatty ones) as the budget I set myself was pretty low.

As soon as I had him engaged the budget got raised, he realised that I wouldn’t be happy in a tatty little effort and came good with the funds….

Then piece by piece I very quickly found the boat I wanted – paid for it and voila there she is floating creating her own little ripples in the marina.

Now my ripple effect was having a great affect so I started verbalising my  other intentions,

the next major thing was the sale of my home of 23 years (Simon didn’t want to move !!! ) …….. So I put it out there that I wanted a home with a big kitchen, bi-fold doors on to a big garden and hey presto it happened….

Other things happened too

I got the top of the range masticating juicer (making healthy juice)

I am getting a log cabin in the garden (A place of peace)

I am getting good results at the consultants (gotta love those guys)

I am meeting fabulous people who are sharing brilliance with me and inspiring me to be the best I can be (huge thanks to you all)

I have created a fast moving flow of life, it’s like a wave of achievement

For now I am starting to believe how successful I already am and I am in a huge position to be able to share knowledge with others

Help them Help you along the way – without being sapped of my strength and energy

Yes I still have the odd blip because I am human and seem to have a self destruct button so a few melt downs occur every now and again and I have to jump in the puddle again to get my effect going again – the essence is Recognise when you are out of the good feeling place in your mind :) (who wants to stay down when you can get right up).

and who knows who YOU ” can inspire when you get your wellies on and start making a difference for yourself.??????

What a wonderful world it would be if we all chose to share some of our brilliance with someone else.

So My ripple effect is flowing fast and it all started with the decision to believe in ME

Know what you want then drop your belief into the proverbial flow of life

You will get what you ask for – So make sure you know what it is you want

Share and love

“Let your own beautiful ripple flow into others hearts and minds” Gill Fell 5.5/2016 aged 55


and remember no matter how muggy your own flow seems clarity will come



Canal Calm by Donna
Let your own beautiful ripple flow into the hearts and minds of others – Gill Fell

Photo by Donna Thompson with thanks


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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