The great words of Richard Branson from a book I purchased to give to my son James when he was 17 years old.


I have found this book again because I am unpacking boxes of books to try and complete the moving in section of a 7 phase house moving plan I decided on – Because I stopped setting the goals for the house move – I actually stopped achieving phase 7. oops yes I was a bit weary after the physical and mental effort of moving but in actual fact – I got a bit complacent and jumped to phase 8 which was a more pleasant phase, …… drinking champagne !! Double oops



So, Screw it, who makes the rules up anyway :)

Richard as we all know is a very successful entrepreneur who struggled with reading and writing as a child but love him or hate him, he has done very well anyway.

This book was printed in 2006 and when I opened the first page I knew it was good advice.


Page 1


Believe it can be done

Have goals

Live Life to the Full

Never give up

Prepare Well

Have faith in yourself

Help each other


The staff at Virgin called him Dr Yes!!!!!!! – I like that Can do kind of attitude –


What an awesome list of positive words.


I am very happy that my box opening re-delivered to me this great book with such a fine attitude.

I am more than happy that I have been living close to the ethos projected here. And if I hadn’t put on Disco mania on Spotify this morning maybe my energy activation may not have occurred.  Maybe that box may still be unopened and Screw it could still be lying dormant.

But as it happened – I am getting pretty good at raising my physical and mental energy so I can achieve more.


Except for a few sadly lacking moments (maybe a bit longer than a few moments) !!!!!! giggle




Have fun


Have fun, work hard and money will come

Don’t waste time – grab your chances

Have a positive outlook on Life

When it’s not fun – Move on


So are we having enough fun? When we become an adult are we allowing ourselves enough time for our own fun?


I started something a few weeks ago #selfishsunday and this was mainly to remind people and myself to do something that we want – just for ourselves – for a hour or a day just do what you want. Even if it’s nothing –


Just say you can’t just do what you want – because of family or any number of reasons.


Then why not take a day of mentally, just allow your mind to relax – maybe decide to think only good thoughts for a day – or pretend you are on a holiday – ?


We can always go somewhere we love even if it is only in our thoughts.


I once spoke to a lady who loved swimming – I understand that – the endorphin release is fabulous


However tragedy struck and she could no longer swim, MS had been cruel to her and she was wheel chair bound.

I made a suggestion that she mentally went swimming – I could have phrased it better such as – Maybe you could just pretend you are swimming Mentally ! Nope that still sounds wrong, anyway….


As in a Swimming Meditation


So in her mind she walked to the local swimming pool, showed her membership card and went to change into her brand new very gorgeous swimming costume


Then.. I asked her to pay a lot of attention to how the shower feels before the plunge into the water, how does it feel to push off the side into the cool, refreshing water then really feel each stroke – arms reaching forward and pulling back through the water splashing her face and her goggles.


She said I’d given her back her hobby and she was going to swim every day, I told her to swim anywhere, why stick to the local baths, when you can swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean?


You see if we change our mindset we literally can change our world.


I am now running marathons everywhere!!!!! (In my head lol) I have all the gear and often go mountaineering; in fact I am an expert in Fencing, Archery and have won (also all in my head) many prizes for my skills – You starting to think I am bonkers :)


I am capable of achieving anything mentally, so why not put more things into actual practice.


Thank you Richard Branson for the book. I have been reminded to just do it…..


Why don’t you write a list of what you would like to do and give it a go too?


Thank you for reading – blog completed – phew thank goodness it wasn’t just a thought :)


“Actions are everything, no one remembers a good intention”  Gill Fell








Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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