What’s it like when you are in a great mood then someone else a more negative soul, comes along and blurts out something that changes your fabulous good feeling to one of sorrow, anger, misery or hate ?

It happens to us all, we are affected by environment, the news, facebook status’s, other people and when things go wrong.

Also we have some sneaky mood changers called, the dreaded…… HORMONES !!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so often we can have an amazing uplifting day then all of a sudden we are BAM….

……moody –

We don’t understand

“yesterday all our troubles were so far away” !!!

What flipping happened, no one irritated me, the world is the same, but we feel different.  Not good, jittery, anxious, snappy, unhappy etc etc….

Or maybe we have stopped a certain practice that kept us upbeat and happier.

I think to be in a great mood all the time is impossible unless you are a monk living in retreat because day to day we experience people, places, DRIVERS !!!!


Can we stop ourselves feeling the lows ?  Wouldn’t it be great to be excited with the natural highs of life more often ?


I say yes !!!!

Here’s a little share – Every one copes differently with Depression, low mood, hormone in -balance etc.

What do we do?

Find out what works for us as an individual …. because what will work for one person may have absolutely no affect on someone else.

Can we help ourselves ?  YES WE CAN

Firstly recognise that we have feelings of low mood, breathe, ask yourself, why? do I have good reason for this lowness?


As soon as you realise that your mood is not where you want it to be, start focusing on your breathing

Listen to the breath – this will have an immediate effect – calming, oxygenating you, giving you a sense of calm

If you can do that for 10 minutes that would be fabulous, try also to drop negative thoughts by using the FLIP IT technique… this is where you think about the best outcome rather than the What if’s in a bad way.


Say to yourself that you CHOOSE TO BE FEELING IN A GOOD MOOD

Repeat – pick your own words and go with that – repeat that your intention is –

to feel better, to feel great to have a wonderful day full of brilliant thoughts and deeds.


If you like to meditate – then get a happy meditation done

If you can be mindful – then choose to be mindful of your mind – think happy thoughts

Set an intention to Flip negative thoughts as soon as you recognise you are thinking them


Do not absorb other people’s misery !!! you can be helpful but make sure you return your thoughts back to happy as soon as you can – You sharing misery certainly does not help others.


If you realise that you are suffering with low mood because of hormone in-balance then why not look at your diet.. there are lots of ways to take in mood enhancing, hormone balancing foods.. Here’s a link to a few good ideas

If its Hormones then why not try  to educate yourself –




Gentle exercise can help too, taking a walk in nature, or if you live in a city, take a walk and look for pleasing things, look for the good bits, the odd tree, the leaves an occasional flower, the lights in a café, the way the clouds form and the impressive way people busy themselves along the streets or in their cars. Look for the good around you. Maybe you will surprise yourself.



So to finish off lets, choose our mood, lets be the energy we want to attract

Image be the energy you want to attract


So to conclude – Can we change our mood?

Well we can certainly try.


Don’t let people wipe their mucky feet in your mind – clear your head and flip the bad thoughts.


“Be the energy you want to attract ” Donna T May 2016


Thank you

ps. I say it a lot but a gratitude session really helps lift Mood. Notice what you have that is pleasing and say a little thank you.












Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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