Dr Woods put the record straight… amusingly :)



It may seem rather strange but I chose my  new Doctor, based on his name,  and I have realised lately that if I have a feeling towards something then I should listen to that feeling and go with it.

This is a mini Blog, I want to share a bit of humour that occurred during my visit to Dr Woods yesterday.

It’s Bog Standard Friday in Ainsdale, I’m settled into my new house albeit its not the finished product by any means but I rather than focus on the important stuff like the doorbell not working (lol) I am spending my time planning my garden and Fellies Retreat.

However, on sunny days it is a must to pop over to my floating retreat in Scarisbrick, so is it any wonder I’m not getting the boring stuff done…. Well, it can wait …..

I decided to get back to going to the gym and stupidly started doing Step and spin and aerobics etc.  Then realised that every class I did I re-visited old injuries – first my hip, then my ankle, then my shoulder (a Cross Blocking injury from training young police re-cruits to defend themselves)


So I go to an easy peasy stretch and tone class (surely that will be fine)…. oh no within minutes I had shooting pain across my shoulder (how embarassing) so I continue the class – too embarrassed to leave.   Got through it,  holding my arm in a make-believe sling throughout.

So the class ends and I kindly offer to put someone’s mat away (older than me) ended up tripping over mats and hurting shoulder more (lol) So much for my good deed.

I pass the doctors surgery on the way home, so I pop in and get an appointment for later in the day…………………….

Hello Dr, yes I’m fine ? how are you?  Fine oh good … well bye then hahahaha (we all say that don’t we?)


So I’m blabbing on about my shoulder and my hip and my ankle – he’s sitting back – listening,  he asks about old injuries I tell him about the police training…. and how you had to ask for volunteers to demonstrate the judo moves etc.  I was nick named Slammer but did really hurt my shoulder once, throwing a massive bloke over my shoulder.


He stands up

Asks me to lift my arms up, down etc….. then goes behind me and pretends to throttle me !!!! hahahahah I just laughed so loud

I immediately said, I will now have to throw you to the floor – he laughed too really loud, it was a surreal moment, not what I have ever experienced in the dr surgery  before.

He said I had inflammation and Bursitis and the best thing to do would be to go back to doing nothing.

Then when everything feels good again, start lifting a bag of potatoes, (I thought oh that’s quite heavy – I’ll get a small bag!!!)

Then….. he said when that feels good,  “PUT A POTATO IN THE BAG”

I Howled laughing……………………………

I said I understood, do nothing to improve, he said YUP

What a message, so today I am allowing myself NOTHING TIME   – there is nothing to rush for, I am getting better.

I said oh “I suppose I’m ok for the average 55 year old female ” he smiled and said

“No, your not as good as the average 55 year old, you are much better ” referring to my good blood results.

I smile

He says let’s change your records – “lets put this right, you do not have metastatic tumours they are Benign”

He cured my records… just like that !!!

I shook his hand (he probably rushed to the anti bacterial gel) and thanked him

He has set the record straight

I will do nothing and I will get better and better.


Find yourself a Dr Woods

Be close to nature

Find peace

Look after yourself

Love to you all

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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