Go with your Flow….. where ever it takes you is the right place to be……

I have not blogged for a while now, and I realise why.  My good albeit new pal Donna Thompson sent me a little nudge to start blogging and it was at the time when 100 days challenges were being winged about.  So I like a challenge and embarked on blogging.  Now I really like writing stuff, but the pressure at that time to blog daily was giving me stress. So I packed in.


I really am excited now about writing again so my message here is don’t  put yourself under un-realistic deadlines or goals


I spoke to one of the girls I have met through the Liverpool Law of Attraction groups and she said that she was often struggling with achieving things, sometimes she was even stressing about her “Gratitude List” so I told her to drop doing it.

Yes, I am encouraging you to drop things that don’t flow with you.


I have a meet up group in Liverpool and have nearly 800 members in it, but maybe on average 10 people pay to attend the meetings.  I get rave reviews but it doesn’t sit right with me… so I have decided to finish off until the end of the year then change the format.


Come along if you are feeling like an up beat life coaching and empowerment session…


Thursday, Oct 20, 2016, 6:00 PM

Meeting Room 2, 4th Floor. William Brown Library
William Brown Library L3 8EW Liverpool, GB

18 Inspired Minds Went

Let’s get together and smash out another LOA life coaching and empowerment session I really loved being with you last time, this group is now becoming one of the strongest in the country !!!!!!!!!!I made a deliberate decision to run with a new format for the meet ups, where it is more of a presentation with questions and I feel from the response …

Check out this Meetup →


This week, I have seriously had some fabulous things come my way,  I am really enjoying this feeling of flowing with life rather than doing what I think I ought to do.

Monday I decided to go along to a fabulous young fashion bloggers, Collaboration evening at Gap in Liverpool 1.


There are so many events happening and meet ups I’d like to go to and don’t go, so I decided to make an effort for this beautiful girls evening.  I  took action……

Got the train into Liverpool and had a wonderful evening in Gap with champagne and loud music, I felt quite young again (not young enough to indulge in some purple hair though)  However I did allow 2 pairs of jeans (high waisted, bootleg ones – hurrah) 2 lovely fabric Tee’s and a gorgeous blue long cardi, hoodi, thing.  Which when I got to the check out, the card Stephi had given me gave me 50% off – happy days !!!!!!


So this young woman say I looked fabulous (how kind) and I looked in the mirror to try and focus on the good bits and thought about my PE teacher laughing at me when I said I wanted to be a model !!!!!  others wanted to be PE teachers !!! funnily I ended up teaching PE …. Oddly

But at 55 the question is…. Can I be a model ? I am showing good signs of aging and fitted nicely into Gap’s size 12 :) – Deffo no nudity!!!!!!  I wonder if my old navy pal Jo Hance remembers us modelling undies for Pippa Dee (yes I am really old)


We were slightly drunk and bribed !!!!!!! fortunately no photo’s are available.


If you love festivals, fashion and off the wall hair (pink purple etc) then check out this blog – she is an awesome girl





Better problems to have……….

Using the Law of Attraction I had a magnificent experience when My boat broke down – yes I stupidly got a rope tangled around the propeller and had to be rescued by two good friends from Scarisbrick Marina……



So huge thanks to John Gibbons and Andy and Danny Scarisbrick Marina’s owner.  Such great kindness is a joy to receive and I was so grateful.photo 3

The above is John Gibbons, a legend also for being the water speed record holder on Lake Windermere, builds his own narrowboats and is a supremo mechanic, engineer and makes a mean cup of tea.

Where do these great people come from?


I firmly believe that because I am flowing now with gratitude for my life and looking for good things, trying to be compassionate and deliver my own random acts of kindness, that it all just comes back to me whenever I need it.

This is a little meditation that I do, if I don’t have time to do a full on thing. Its the most beautiful Irish lullaby….


or if you are feeling like educating yourselves in a bit of mind training… this is a good listen – I love the idea that I have now imprinted in my mind a better sub concious mind.

Day by day you can change your beliefs.  So enjoy your days and this is where I will post where my meetings, seminars, conferences and sharing days are…… so please like the blog and then you will  be notified when a new one is on-line xxxxx


huge love


GILL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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  1. Gill, I am loving your blogs, just what I need to read…….. having a tough year…..I remember you from the WRNS volleyball team…..you are certainly an inspiration 😀

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