Lowering Expectations = A lovely new way to achieve more by doing less :)

It was something a Doctor friend of ours said whilst sitting sipping peppermint tea in our cabin during the summer.

Whilst you have a GP held captive, relaxing in your little perfect space in the garden I felt it was a great opportunity to pounce with a few of my own (not important) medical issues (the ones I don’t bother about anymore)

“So Dr”, I said ….” If you have arthritis type pain in your ankles, hips and back do you make it any worse by exercising ? Even though you know that it hurts less when you don’t?”

Good question I thought, and not too taxing for the man was just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon !!!!!!!

Anyway a bit of a discussion took place, with my lovely, if a little direct husband Simon says “Don’t be an idiot Gill, you need to stop doing things that aggravate it”

So Basically then according to Dr Simon, just lie down watch tv (in a straight line so I don’t twist my back)  …. but that’s just not me – I was an athlete, I was good at sport and stuff, I can’t just do nothing.

The captive Doctor was listening and smiling and just simply said to me.


………………………………………………………You don’t need to be a champion anymore”

Oh (but actually I do)………(I thought to myself – ((frowny face))

Right then……  HOW on earth do I do that when I always try my best and love to exercise.

I had recently joined a new gym and was loving trying the new classes, body blitz, body impact, yoga, yogalates, etc etc etc But MY ankles and back really don’t like it.

So What’s a girl to do……………………..

I decided to “lower my expectations”  so I stopped going to the gym, stopped the classes, – just didn’t go.

This freed up 2 hours a day for other things. 3 weeks later

I am pain free again…….

However I am not a couch potato either (oh how I would love to be one of those !!!!!!)

By lowering my expectations of my self, I am now achieving so much more.

My exercise comes in the form of Dexter Dog walking with a tiny shuffle up a hill (I can’t help myself )

I am doing 30 minutes of Gardening after the walk and stretching out, reaching, pruning and a little light digging.

I have oiled the decking, the cabin and any random pieces of wood that were in sight.

I have had more time to help my mum and her neighbour with various tasks

My ironing is done

I have meditated, painted and written a few blogs.

I have exercised my mind by learning something new everyday.

Wow, now I have written it all down I really must give myself a very self-indulgent pat on the back (not too hard or round the lumbar region lol)

Also I am getting up an hour earlier 6 am, and cracking on with a few jobs, I am seeing the darkness turn to light which I find is a wonderful experience.

So thank you Doctor for your sound advice.  My expectations of myself have hit rock bottom, so therfore anything I actually achieve is a marvellous, commendable, brilliant, wonderful thing.

I have also a better clarity in my mind, my energy levels are higher and I am not beating myself up.

So find your own level of exercise, I am going to try virtual exercise too.

It’s a form of meditation, you just sit and imagine yourself swimming in the sea or running in the woods (I miss that the most) – So I shall let you know how that goes.

There is a theory that mentally exercise can release the same endorphins as the real thing ??????? as for burning off the calories (errrm I doubt it)



I am also going to try Tai Chi and Chi Gong – better breathing and eating endorphin releasing foods…..  so much to learn – Bring it on……

however I will not expect to be a Dan Grade at anything in the near or distant future.

I am who I am  and that’s ok with me 

Here’s a few snippets on a web site that is quite interesting to read


Have a great day



BE HAPPY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here’s a few snippets on a web site that is quite interesting to read






Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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