Day 3 of trying again….. Gag it and invert…coz sisters are doin’ it for themselves !!!!!

Hello there,

Well here we go on the third day of being a 100 day blogger and so far I have had some good response so thank you for that.

Today I was booked into a Homeopath lady to see if she could restore my balance of life !!! (I did tell her it was not going to be a walk in the park) she said she liked a challenge so I went over to Aigburth in Liverpool and went into the home of Emma who proceeded to extract everything out of me, health, thoughts, relationships, etc etc etc…… crikey I thought this is quite intense but she had tissues at the ready and I blurbed out all my inner most thoughts and feelings about all kinds of random things that had obviously been snuggled down in the back of my mind.

I like her

She gave me a sense of freedom, that time was for me and it reminded me of my own words to those who have come to me for coaching (not the herbal remedy type but other stuff)

It reminded me also that we need good people to talk to not to sit and moan but to mutually share things, people that are interested in you and people that listen then give a helpful comment rather than revert the conversation back to their own problems.

We need a good listening ear occasionally

We also need to gag ourselves….. i.e. Stop talking about ourselves

Can we become a little too self obsessed ? Well chat about that to your mates (if you still have any) and that drew me to another point that maybe (as said in yesterday’s blog) just maybe I have been a “little” lol, Self obsessed with all my attention seeking visits to consultants over the years… Have I brought it to myself because I thought those thoughts ?

Hmmmm Over to the LOA experts to discuss that one for at least 1 second.

Now LAW OF ATTRACTION. Says quite clearly what you think you get, and that we create our own reality !!! So how on earth do you manifest all that illness and stress.


Discuss at your will – “But Miss” (kid at the back shouts) “I don’t want all this illness and stress”

Miss calmly replies

“Gag ya self then” … charming I know..

But when we spiral into self obsession all we think about, all we dwell upon is us, how sick we are, how sad we are, how badly treated we are, how our hot flushes are worse than yours, how bad we feel everyday, how low our energy is, how life isn’t as good as others is etc etc etc……….



yes you hear me………..GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF,

I promise to get a grip of myself in a loving kind way I am going to tell myself to shut the ….. front door up and push my bad feelings to the rear and raise myself into a new, fabulous place where I can see fluffy ducks and pinky petals floating around.. I will see happy smiles and fabulous, wonderful things form myself and I will be kind to all little creatures… blah blah blah…..

Ha ha easy to say when you are having a particularly fluffy day ….

Let’s test it out when the

Black Hole of Menopause tries to swallow us up…………………

COME ON lets give it a go…. Please try with me – I’m going to

Here’s a little you tube video for hot flushes (flashes as the lovely lady says – watch it till the end and admire the knitwear !!!! )

So lets invert and Gag it together !!! If you don’t watch the 3 and a bit minute video its a lady who basically sticks her legs in the air, bum up to the wall – now I’m going to do this inverty thingy – it looks easy !!!! hang on…

Ok – yes it is do-able, except the dog licking my face but it did give me a warm glow and a bit of a giggle as I did it up against the patio window and left a sweaty bum mark on the glass……………….. heeeeeeee heeee (too much info?????) lol –

Ok serious (that was a joke by the way I really didn’t leave butt marks there – she lied)


We can do this GAG AND INVERT … ok yup

So Only 97 more days…. but I’m excited to be inverting everyday and boosting my metabolic rate !!! fabulous

Talk tomorrow

Be happy Be you



Monday, Jun 5, 2017, 6:00 PM

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