Time is ticking and I’m nearer 60 than 50 !!! What happened to my youth ????

I have decided to speed everything up so that I can fit more things into the time I have on this beautiful earth !!! That is unless I really want to slow it down …

In fact I am in a state of confusion (permanently these days) as to whether I should speed up or slow down ??????

My gut feeling is to speed up as I have spent too long in a slow pace – and feel that I am the type who loses it If I don’t use it ?

So I’m going to create a new way of living for myself – in order to feel that I can tick all the boxes.

TOMORROW it’s my birthday 29th April really is my favourite day and I will be 56 years old.

I met a friend yesterday who said well I’m 57 !!! and I said no you are not… she looked pensive !!!

“OH YES I’M 56” So after a bit of discussion and a lot of falling about laughing at us being forgetful and wondering where we actually were… I decided that being 56 was a marvellous thing.

It let’s me off the hook for many things….

I am no longer a teenager (all spotty) I am no longer a mother of young kids, I am no longer expected to be a size 10 (never was anyway – except on my 18th birthday I wriggled into a size 10 white pencil skirt suit) … well in those days you didn’t need to move to dance. You plonked your handbag down and just swayed a bit to “Love is the Drug”

There are things from my youth that I can, still do, one being the Gerry Hall Howl !!!!

Oh have a little moment of slow with Bryan ……………..

Lets Stick together !!! oh yeah

I was a big Ferry fan (especially the Mersey Ferry !!!) I do think I am hilarious and often laugh out loud at myself !! Slightly embarrasing when in public and I’m not actually speaking to anyone….

I had my 18th Birthday party and Leaving party (I was joining the Navy) at Shorrocks Hill Country Club in Formby… It was a great party !!!

I had my 18th, 30th and 40th birthday parties there !!! I worked there as a general manager for a while too……… I loved the place and one of my friends used to own it, (before my time) it was a awesome place with a big elephants head on the wall.

Dancing was my great love… I went on to disco dance around the seedy night clubs around the country and even won a disco dance competition with my ex in Jersey – We did a lot of dancing then … He was a great dancer.

We got divorced (oops) and then later in life I married Simon who does not like to dance. But does like golf – nuff said (lol)

So Party and Dance while you can and I’m going to play more Roxy songs and rock out a bit because even though I’m going to rev up my pace to fast pace it’s still a snail pace if I compare myself with some others.

Best thing to do is not compare myself with anyone…

But to enjoy what ever pace I feel like, on a daily basis.

However – at 56 (tomorrow) – my mindset is fixed now… I’m going to live to the max and love every minute of my life

So day 4 of #100days of #menopausalmadness done…

I am not judging myself or my blogging skills but I know that i would never have listened to a bit of Bryan Ferry if I hadn’t done it.

Loving the fun that Blogging is bringing me….. Letting out some of the madness that lies within.

Whoosh …… there it goes.

So It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am hosting a “mispent youth day” with my family…. Games all day and fun and beer and pizza etc.

So wish me luck and may the black hole lay off me and give me a totally happy day.

and please do something that brings you fun… laugh a little or have a tiny bop about to your favourite oldies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Much love

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Monday, Jun 5, 2017, 6:00 PM

65 – 67 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4EZ, GB

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BIG POWERFUL MEET UP WITH GILL FELL AND GUEST SPEAKERSBREAKING NEWS……. We now have the clever and happy, Happiness Ninja speaking at the event… I will also be chatting away in between speakers about my fast pace life coach thing, and Amanda Moss will be spoken about (by me) she has had a better offer so in the true style of having a mind of …

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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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