Distraction Techniques !! Sorry I was distracted …..

I am so guilty now of not paying attention to boring stuff – Simon keeps telling me how rude I am…. I physically switch off if I get a little bored AKA “distracted” ….

So my new over spoken words are “So sorry, I was Distracted” it seems to be working as it’s a lot less rude than “I’m sorry I’m bored listening to your drivel” or “I’m not sorry you boring old puff of lovely windypops”

Obs I was just using Simon as my example, but he’s in no way boring sometimes he watches golf and plays golf (just sayin’) Oh please don’t ever tell him about this blog.

Anyway I am distracted already !!!

Because I have this dry Socket thingy and believe me it is taxing my inner goddess to the max….. I am taking the pain killers and its day 3 of Anti biotics – I’ve done a clove infusion water to gently wash around my mouth… so please don’t think I am having a har har hee hee day !!! like last Sunday when I was in the pub eating brunch – playing darts and Pool with the family… Oh no, this week I have my come uppance !!!!

Anyway the point of being distracted is that you don’t think about the thing that is hurting you. You mind is being led away from it.

In the meet ups and various training sessions I have delivered – I’ve bleeted on about “FLIP IT” a great technique to transfer your bad, damaging thoughts to better ones..

You simply Flip the thought to a better place… (there’s a book called Flip it) Thank you Lisa Marriot – 4 years in July you led me to that book.

Any how, Ester Hicks also does a really fine job of getting you to change your thoughts to better ones and I’ve loved the teaching of Ester and Gerry also for 4 years in July and big shout out to Polly Tomlinson (a Reiki Master, Sculptor, Artist and generally very clever lady) for giving me a CD to listen to.

Now some of you will like the teachings of Ester, Louise Hay, Tony Robins or even Zig Ziglar – Hey Oliver Gee…. “If you only help enough people get what they want you ultimately get what you want” hmmmmmmmmm maybe that’s the problem…

We basically can get sucked into everything, chewed up and spat out.

Its very simple what we need are Distractions… Good ones…

Distractions and Brain Training.

Yesterday when I was due painkillers, I decided not to take them and go and paint in my adorable (if now a little untidy Cabin) – See how I dummed it down so you wouldn’t think I was boasting !!!

Guess what – IT WORKED !! I painted with red and pink paint the piece of Art called “Cavity” it’s all red and swirly and gooey and it made me giggle…

I have no patience for tiny detail art (which I really admire) I’m a slap it on and paint over it if it’s really bad…

Art is a subjective thing….. I like my own style of art and Now at 56 I have decided not to be bothered if no one else likes it (lol)

As I can’t download the photo’s today !! Technical hitch I will promise to learn how by tomorrow !!! Another great distraction

Distraction interferes with Pain Stimulus !!! So that can be a physical or a mental pain

Watch something really good on TV
Write a Blog
Write a journal
Write a book
Meet up with a friend
Go out of the house
Tell yourself you are having a brilliant day
Look at pictures on Pinterest of things to do
Look for a mini trip
Go for a walk
Stand on one leg
Invert (you knew that was coming)
Do something Rude !!!! ooohhh errr mrs

So I am leaving today’s 13th day of #100days by wishing you a day full of delicious distractions and love

Image - distraction


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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