Day 14 #100days… LOA, LOD,LOCOM,LOL

I have just had the funniest bunch of messages from my lovely friend Donna who was trying to inspire me with some content for today’s epic blog (use of word epic as P O S (POWER OR SUGGESTION)) !!!

Ahhhhhh haaaaa

So I really got stuck right in to LOA (Law of Attraction) A few years ago when a bloke called John Porter told me about “The Secret” a book by Rhonda Byrne.. He told me to think better thoughts – so I asked for a pay rise :) He’s a great guy John Porter – !!! Thanks John

So I never really got the hang of it until a few years ago and that was when I hit rock bottom.

I had history, trends of doing great then failing…. actually never failing but pulling the plug on my successful ventures, jobs, relationships etc.

It was as though I didn’t really believe I should have success … Some people have this ability to glide through life getting more pay rises and better stuff all the time and others struggle to get off the starting blocks.

So when the bottom was hit (purely metaphorically I assure you) – There was only one way to go and that was UP !!

So I changed the way I was using Law of Attraction, wording things differently and creating a better stronger mindset.

I became Well, I moved house, I got a boat, I got a cabin, I had a brilliant relationship with my family, I got a different boat, I was smashing LOA – I was a manifesting magnet !!!

And today I sit here, reminding myself of all this. Today I still have all of those things.

I want you to have whatever it is you want too !!!

The reason I set up my Inspire Yourself Now facebook page, Meet up site and Minds of Steel, is because I am desperate (wow not very loa) but really keen that other people don’t ever feel the way I did.

Every one has always known me as the confident person that talks in public, puts herself out there and seemly has no worries.

But lurking beneath that confident exterior lay a dark hole of lacking and that was CONFIDENCE – real confidence not that pretend stuff on the outer layers, but deep confidence that I was good at stuff, worthy of things and clever enough to achieve them.

Now I know why I felt like that.. but today I just want to focus on all the tools that are in the box

LOA – LAW OF ATTRACTION – Learning to think better thoughts and ask for what we want then really believe you already have it and live like that – you will get it or you will get something better.

LOD – LAW OF DISTRACTION – when you are feeling low or sick, use distraction techniques to get your mind to focus on something else – painting, crochet, TV – music etc…. take your mind off the pain and worry.

LOCOM – LAW OF CHANGE OF MINDSET – Getting your mindset, so strong on an intention that it really has to happen, you make it happen, you bring the better stuff to yourself, you no longer need to rely on others to get what you want.

LOL – LAUGH OUT LOUD – keep everything light hearted, laugh at yourself, laugh at life, laugh all the time, the endorphins from laughter really are medicine.


More to laugh at…. THIS IS “CAVITY” (SUPER LOL)


Are you achieving all that you want?

Are you confident down to your bones?

Are you shifting all bad self destructing talk into uplifting chat

Nope??? partly is good…. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW

The time is Now to get on it

You probably don’t want a boat or a cabin, but the way to start knowing what you want is


Praise up yourself for achieving so much all ready

Work on being in the happier place.

This weekend I have been trying all kinds of LOD (yes the distractions) to get my mindset right for healing the Dry socket and ideas about what to do have just pinged into my head..

I have infused cloves for pain relief,and painted and relaxed in the sunshine – all normal food has been nutribulleted (baby food is yum) and today I am well on the way to recovery..

When it’s our turn to feel like the chips are down. There is only one person to raise you up.

That would be you.

So please give it a go – maybe today you are feeling fabulous – but bear this in mind for future down time

Thank you for reading in advance and have a super LOA, LOD, LOL DAY XXXXXXX



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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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