Trying to keep it together when something petty makes you want to wail in the street !! booo hooooooo Get a grip woman !!

Day 18 woo hoo – plodding along, huge thank you to yesterdays readers, massive gratitude to you.

I was having a rather lovely day yesterday, a meeting about an event I am holding in June with the event function room people !!!

It was all going swimmingly well, until, they realised that the printer had used a slightly different font on their logo, therefore the leaflets were not to be used !!! The lady was so lovely to me, explaining what the problem was and I totally understood it – it was an oversight, a tiny lack of paying attention to detail.

However there was no “oh go on it’s ok on this occasion your menopausal we can let you off the hook – just this time ”

Nope corporate branding is not to be messed with so the leaflets RIP

However the lovely printer cannot re-print for cost as there is no money in leaflets apparently so he is going to help with a social media advert !!

In the mean time as I am standing in a very trendy, busy lovely cafe bar in Liverpool whilst being given the news that I am a total numpty, a felt a tear run down my face

I mean – I was standing infront of a lovely little girl who was being the kindest person but that tear just rolled down,,,,, followed by another..

Hold it together kid – I told myself – it’s a leaflet !!! but even knowing that it wasn’t the end of the world.

A piece of me had failed and that tear told me that I am out of touch, no longer the marketing expert I used to be – but now how do I cope with this….


So I go outside, walking to the door simultaneously putting on my Raybans on to hide tears and its a nice sunny day …

Outside I immediately sucked in the fresh (Bold street “Fresh”) air, and saw a funky seat across the road in the sunshine.

I calmed my mind, told myself it was ok to make mistakes, messaged the printer and then phoned my son.

Who is an up to date marketing person in London.

The message was clear… Move on #belikebetty “Cast my worries to the wind” Easterly at that time of day !! and Breath

I switched my mind to “all is well, better things will happen” and as if by magic….
Your attitude + your choice

Share’s started coming in – Even the new hot line had a missed call (forgot to take it with me) 4 more tickets for the event had sold and an offer of help for social media marketing came in ….

I also nipped into a funky hairdressers and low and behold they had an appointment there and then !!!
Stop it's time for dreams to come true

It was all unfolding exactly as it should.

In fact better than I could have expected… So I’m glad those tears were fleeting and I didn’t dwell on them.

And later on Phil Steele put on his face book

Before you sleep think of something that has gone wrong today, then forgive it and forgive yourself for reacting to it, then think of all the good things and be happy for them – drift off to sleep thinking about your happy things.

Or something like that

So I did and I let it go and once again, Got myself back to happy quickly, not dwelling on the negatives.

So thanks Simply Print and Design, Donna Thompson, Debbie Whitelock, Phil Steele, Fiona in Leaf, Danny in Voodoo, Stephi La Reine, Amanda Moss, James Williamson because you are outstanding people in my life and for that I am totally grateful.IMG_4839

By the way, the event will be absolutely brilliant, Leaf is such a great venue, the energy in there is awesome

I am so pleased that I have given myself the challenge of organising it. Yes I’m making mistakes but at least I am out there trying.

Let the tears flow, but not for too long
Be the light in your own life
Love your mistakes and forgive yourself
Learn something new every day

And flip your mind to a better thinking place as quickly as you can

Big love to you all on day 18

Sincere big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Monday, Jun 5, 2017, 6:00 PM

65 – 67 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4EZ, GB

80 Inspired Minds Went

BIG POWERFUL MEET UP WITH GILL FELL AND GUEST SPEAKERSBREAKING NEWS……. We now have the clever and happy, Happiness Ninja speaking at the event… I will also be chatting away in between speakers about my fast pace life coach thing, and Amanda Moss will be spoken about (by me) she has had a better offer so in the true style of having a mind of …

Check out this Meetup →


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