Day 20 #100days… Here’s to the thistle….

Crikey, nearly 7 pm and I had forgotten completely about the blog writing !!! so you can imagine my impish naughty “go on fail” button nearly got pressed !!

Because If you are reading this then I totally applaud you, I am quite frankly the wackiest woman I know.

.. So here goes

Luckily I don’t want to fail at this challenge and so I’ll make it brief.

I am so fortunate – today I took “Amy Belle” my beautiful, tatty narrow boat up the cut (Leeds Liverpool) with Simon in order to practice our maneuvers (had to google how to spell that one !!) – we moored up and had a nice little lunch on the canal bank and spent some time chatting to passers by … when…..

A couple who never normally walk that part of the canal, stopped to chat and guess what – it was some friends of ours who we had lost touch with 12 years ago and it turns out that she had also had Breast Cancer and was now into all the nature and holistic stuff and it was like we had been living parallel lives… So odd, and they had a caravan as a bolt hole that they nip off to. !!!

So that was all very nice and I sat at the front of the boat (I was meant to be sanding down the doors) and reflected on the years, when I remembered that last time I saw them – I had dry socket !!! Badly, and 12 years later we meet again and I have healing dry socket (only a tiny bit of bone showing now) then I saw a thistle.

The significance of meeting them to me is the ending of bad health and the new refreshing start of good health and much better happiness…….

I am healing, not just physically but mentally too. Talking to her made me realise that I’m just starting out. (thank gwaaad I’m 56 !!! Get on with it woman)

It’s my time now

I can really live, we laughed about how we were enjoying our lives in simple surroundings and just being at peace with who we are. She told me how anxious she was of going to dinner with us all those years ago !!! I had no clue that she had felt like that.

However her words resonated with me, and looking at that Thistle I remembered my dad used to be good friends with his dad and the Bonnie Scottish Thistle was there as if saying to me, it’s time to meet the good people in life and be YOU

I can see that the simple life, brings great people to me, the canal was my start in life and now I have returned – it feels right.

The thistle is also has incredible health benefits (see the link below) – So that’s a hint to me. I will add Milk thistle to my diet for a few weeks for it’s restorative health benefits.

I have lovely Scottish relations and friends and Caitlin Grey who I mentioned yesterday sings of returning to the shores of Iona – could all this be a message to me.

My great Scottish link

My father. Alistair Williamson born in Aylesbury to two Scottish parents.

So is there any such thing as co-incidence?

I wonder…..


“Here’s to the Thistle, the Bonnie Scottish thistle, the badge of my country, the land of the Free”Thistle at Sunset

I have read the Celestine Prophecy and according to that book there is no such thing as co-incidence. I am looking for meaning and finding it, effortlessly.

So thank you Thistle – I am living my own land of the Free


Just looked on Caitlin Grey Sound Cloud and there’s a track “Call of the Clans”……… Pipers !!! The Battle of Culloden …. A memory of a childhood visit to this eerie but beguiling place in Scotland where so many fell.

And guess what else… it’s where I wrote my first poem. Something about Burning the Bannock Burgers !!! Yes was a flippant so and so then even !!

So tell me there’s no such thing as co-incidence.

My messages is trust and go back to nature and simplicity and Freedom will unravel itself for you.

This is an uncanny – disjointed blog for me as I am writing and realising as it unfolds on the screen !!!

Well blow me up with a bicycle pump… Now the track I am listening too is “lady fly away like an eagle, you are wild and free like a bird on high, lady fly away”


Thank you for now

Look for your signs and trust your instincts – great things will happen, get close in fact snuggle up to nature – embrace the simple stuff and let your signs lead you to happiness.

With love today from a simple me to you

Fly like an Eagle my friends – if the Thistle calls you – Listen

Gill x



Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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