Day 23 #100days…. Energy Activated … to the wallbars…….. GO

I’m up early today as Simon is off to Leeds for a corporate thing, so I thought I would take my opportunity and take yesterday’s advice and activate my energy and get up and at em !!!

Aww when I was based in HMS Pembroke, Chatham in Kent, we were called the Medway Muppets and “Up and at em Chatham” was our little catch phrase !! (I was 18 then) – that was a fun time in life, 18 leaving home to see the world (or a dockyard in Chatham) …. Meeting new people and going to the bop (the disco).

It was at Chatham that life changing people came into my life, people recognised in me a talent that I didn’t know I had (yes juggling tangerines went down well there – lol). No not that skill – seems I have numerous talents.

But a few PHYSICAL TRAINING INSTRUCTORS namely Stevie Pemberthy and Peter Greenwood. They were on the staff there and as the Navy is very sports orientated it got into teams and started going to circuit training and fitness classes and very soon got selected to have a go at the physical test and aptitude test to become a ROYAL NAVAL PHYSICAL TRAINING INSTRUCTOR (PTI) – So I did.

No huge thank you to those two characters above, because with out them I would never have gone into the leisure industry.

An amazing woman called Nuala Atkey, was also there and taught me “pop mobility” and I went on to become one of Hampshires top Aerobics instructors – who would have thought it.

This is me passing out (not drunk – on this occasion !)July 14th (I think) 1979.


I am loving writing this blog, for so many reasons but the best is the memories it is bringing back to me. It’s giving me an opportunity to be grateful to those who probably didn’t know what they had done for me.

I loved being a PTI, “Mens sana in corpore sano” A healthy mind in a healthy body !! hummmmm – Well… If I was to say one thing about PT course it was painful, running everywhere in flat pussers pumps wrecked my joints and if only they had spent more time on the MIND bit. Anyway… bygones I’m not here to moan, but you can see that nothing is perfect in life, when we reflect we can choose to see everything under a big black cloud, or we can seek out the positive, happier times.

We had wallbars all around the gym at HMS Temeraire (the PT School) a sacred place, and another phrase we would say a lot was “to the wallbars…..GO”
So you can imagine when I saw a set of wallbars in an antiques shop in Jesmond (Newcastle) I was highly tempted to buy them as a momento of a previous life – however I don’t think I could have fitted them in the car and for sure Simon would have hung me from them as punishment and then burn’t them as they are an acquired taste in furnishings and not really his style

Wall bars could be useful for hanging stuff on ??????


Talking of Joints, today I go for my first appointment at the Southport Spinal swimming pool…… they are going to try and build up some muscle in my lower back to support the injury – what wonderful people.

Me this afternoon trying on my swimming cossie !!!!!


So it’s all good… Postive steps in a forward direction. It’s not even 8am and my blog is done, my mindset is selected and the day will unfold exactly as it should.


Activate yours with me please…. let’s use 5 second rule…. If we like it and think it – get up and do it.

Friends for Life… My buddies on PT course (2 missing Heidi and Val)


Have a great day

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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