Day 25 #100 days…. Can we live with a magnet in our pants?

Crikey, I am well impressed that today I am one quarter the way to achieving my goal of 100 days of blogging.

I am loving that today on the stats I have United States of America lit up as well as the UK, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Spain, UK, Norway !! So how fab is that.

I thank you all for reading one or more of the blogs, a sympathy read is very well appreciated ….

The best thing I am learning is that I can reflect better whilst typing, the words I sometimes cannot find to verbalise and flowing freely through my fingers onto this page = So thank you fingers.

You know I am 7 years into the menopause, and you young wipper snappers will be thinking Oh Ive seen that wierd behaviour in my mother or friend or auntie !! Now you will be able to accept better that occasionally we need to rip your head off and stuff it up your…. perfectly roundy, peachy, youthful, non sagging bum !!!

So just take one for the team will you !!!

I understand that during this “The Change” lol, I am going through so many emotions and am getting a better acceptance of how life is now, and how its a time to expand my mind, read more, paint, write little ditties (can hardly call it poetry) – It’s my time, a time for freedom to do the stuff I really want to do.

Jas and I finding Freedom…… Floating and Finking…..thankfully not Sinking !!


I had a coffee with my friend Debbie this morning who always makes me laugh, she is a fabulous person with the looks and style of a movie star – if we were “Grace and Frankie” she is definately Grace, and without doubt I am Frankie (if you have not watched it and you are reaching a menopausal age then give it a go) Warning it does contain the F bomb and references to menopausal dryness problems !!! if you get my drift – but it is hilariously funny.

so last night I had an opportunity to catch up on TV (Simon was at the golf course – probably saved him an ear bending) but I was feeling a bit peaky after the scan and I know a bit of a menopausal surge of “Low Mood”…. Let’s call it that rather than complete rat baggy, moody cowness… Yes “Low mood” it is.

Guess what I watched …..

A documentary about THE MENOPAUSE ….. and just to cut out all the hot flushes and stuff and go straight to a potential cure !!!

This is hilarious……

You put a magnet in your pants and apparently it re-balances you !!!!!

Now Debbie and I thought this was hilarious and she immediately came up with a scenario where the menopausal, magnet-ed woman is in Iceland sticking to all the fridges !!!!!

We then thought of a few other magnetic things that would cause sheer
embarrassment if we adhered to them – the car or the anchor on a boat…

We could just walk around being drawn by force to other magnetic objects, it would be a new way of living. Push your hips forward and go to where the energy field takes you.

Magnet image

So = laughing about it really created some good chemicals, I’ve listed more menopausal problems and I am going to find something funny – so I can be uplifted by the “Change of Life” hahaha…. It’s just another change because there have been so many.

So whatever your age, whatever your health, why not try and put your situation into comedy.

I would love to hear your stories, comment below and let’s share the fun of life.

We can uplift each other and ourselves by trying to see the funny side.

How many times have we said “We’ll laugh about that in 10 years” well why wait 10 years, lets laugh now.

So here I am signing off a Menopausal 56 year old, who according to medics, my life is no longer useful !!

Well let me tell you, our ovaries may frazzel our faces may line…

But I am still here, and just doing fine !!!

Love you all, have a laugh today.



'Listen Buddy! After the hot flushes I've been having this is like a resort!'IMG_4671

Menopause – by me…..


Monday, Jun 5, 2017, 6:00 PM

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