The dedication of Smiles …

This time Yesterday I was rattling on about living my life in 20 minute shifts, and that was fabulous it worked really well.

At the same time yesterday over 30 people were living their lives excited about going to a concert in Manchester and by this time today they no longer have lives.

I am shocked and so sad by the events of last night. It is impossible to understand why someone can snatch away these lives.

This morning I was walking the dog and met a Cypriot lady, who was deeply upset by the attack. I chatted to her about dedicating my smiles today to all the lives lost. To make a sense out of the atrocity. To try and carry on living normally.

She said you see the yellow flowers – Broom we call it. In Cyprus they say that that particular flowering bush is the Tears of the Virgin Mary.

I looked around we were surrounded by those tears and the thorns of the Hawthorne seemed sharper, the realisation that we are living in a world where truly terrible things can happen at any time, without our knowledge, with no prompting from us. Someone else can decide to cut short our lives.

I try and stay up beat and positive but this was a shocker. This was unfair on too many levels.

As I looked at this lady I decided that today I would not let terrorists lead my thoughts. I chose to act positively and productively with care and huge compassion for everyone I meet.

It is true that everyone has a story, everyone has felt pain. Behind the smiles there is so often the invisible tear and broken heart.

So there was only one thing to do, Have a coffee with my mother… Who I had to stalk around Tesco’s, eventually finding her chatting to a lady by the cleaning products.

I have lit a candle today whilst I write this and will burn it until it is gone to remember the souls of the departed.

My mindset will restore I will choose to see the flowers and the delicate leaves of the Hawthorne,not the thorns, but their lives will not.

Today, I implore you to find how to be happy. To live your life believing in yourself and looking for the joy and love and happiness.

Our equilibrium must be recovered quickly after sadness and sorrowful moments.

We are fragile, we are delicate. Our bodies are weak and our minds can be altered easily.

So let’s take charge of our minds and think compassionate thoughts to those who need it… and deliver compassion to ourselves.

I dedicate my smiles to those lost in Manchester last night and hope the world becomes safer and that we can live in peace and harmony without fear.

Rest in Peace Manchester Souls

With love to you all

Please join me in a week of dedicating smiles for the families – it will help us and send positive vibes around the world.IMG_3457


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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