It’s tonight…. When the student is ready the Master appears…. I am ready to learn.

This will be the worlds fastest blog. Today is the day, the Minds of Steel Meet up that I have been working on for what seems like forever.

I am really looking forward to hearing all these speaker talking about inspiring things. The best bit is I only have to introduce them. They have the opportunity to teach, inspire, motivate and shine.

Normally at my meet ups, I have to prepare a session of Fast Pace Law of Attraction or Life Coaching. Everything I do seems to have to be at 100 miles an hour… except when I am in the boat (canal rules – fast walking pace is fine)

But tonight I get to be inspired, I get to hear the great things people have to say, and It reminds me of a quote I have always loved.

“When the student is ready the Master appears” A Buddhist philosphy –

Here’s a pic of my dad who I learn’t so much from… he’s going tonight in Angel form :) making sure it all happens as it should for me so I don’t have to worry at all. Fabulous hey !!! Cheers Dad


I am constantly learning and just lately I have become the student for many masters. I listen to great speakers most days on pod casts, you tube videos and the people I mix with are generally brilliant people I can learn from. I am learning Narrowboating skills and loads of stuff.

Attitude is the key and the willingness to not just spout off what you believe in or think you need to teach the world. But listen to others, get a rounded knowledge of different things.

You are not meant to be the Master of All. You don’t have to be the teacher all the time – Let someone else teach you.

Tonight, it’s my absolute privilege to learn from these speakers – if we attend something with the attitude of gratitude and a feeling of “I wonder what I will take away from this conversation?” We will take something special away with us.

So thank you all of the people who are speaking.

And a big thanks to those who helped market the event… Particularly Anne Coghlan and Donna Thompson.

That little share you did on Facebook, twitter or that person you told was for me a huge thing. I am so grateful for you and your faith in the meet up.

So today I am the student, as I am everyday and I relish the opportunity to learn from you.

Have a great day of learning my friendsMind of Steel Flyer

There is still room in the room tonight. Come along if you can and learn something you didn’t know.

Love and Learning to you all

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Liverpool, GB
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