Blog 46… The realisation that All actually will be well.. if you can just believe it !!!…said the meno – ninja lol

Wow, I had the biggest melt down this week that I have ever had (got a short memory now but I think for a while anyway)…

My week started on a real high, with all the great energy and positive mindset after the Mind of Steel event I was on a great big positive booster ship to the stars !! Whoooooooo hoooooo, I was bopping around to the Carl Foster music and enjoying the feeling of my vibrational energy hitting an all time high… (maybe not an all time high but pretty up there)

Read this with love……..
The week continued to roll on with a brilliant canal trip (see previous blog photo’s) – However by Thursday I was tired after little sleep and the sheer hard work of doing locks and navigating tiny canals and bridges in a 69ft boat. But I was still loving it all. It was a real adventure.

Then read this bit quickly…………………………

I was really tired, banged my head twice (really bad bangs) ouch x lots, then… in the rain I slipped and banged my face on the lock gate, metal handle hit my tooth and chipped a big chunk out of the edge of it), with the pain of the bang surging through my already pained head, the realisation of my broken tooth sank in, and my groovie, high vibe mindset went deep into the darkest deeper than deep hole of despair, screamy noises came out of my mouth and a complete melt down was in action…. I looked at my son and he jumped off the boat and gave me the type of hug that only someone who feel’s your pain could give!!! he said remember all the positive things you say to people… Think think … My head was in a blur, my pain was searing, my broken tooth shattered on the lock gate,,, I breathed a thousand breaths in one go… His hug gave me hope, I started giving myself the hug of hope… another big breath, a mantra came into my head “Nothing can ruin my beautiful smile” Repeat Gill repeat repeat breath breath…………….. It was working I was coming back – I thought better things, I listened for the birdsong, I looked at the water in the canal, I saw the little flowers and I knew that I had been in much worse circumstances in my life and come through 100% – I more than survive – I smash out problems wham, boom bam… like a problem smashing Meno-ninja – Melt down smelt down !!!

Ok slow down again…

Yes I could do this, I had come through worse, did I have C of the tooth? Nope, so it actually was more of an inconvenience = there was worse things that could happen…

My mantra worked – my breathing worked – my reminder to think positive things worked.

You can be beautiful without teeth. Look at the beautiful smile of the toothless lady ??? I rest my case.

Things can go wrong in life. But if we can hang on tight to our mentality of “All will be well, and all manner of things will be well” We just gotta trust it. We just need to think that we have been through worse and that we are stronger for it all.

I know that there will be things going on in peoples lives right now, people splitting up from partners, people dying, people losing jobs, people feeling pain, people who are sick.

Real problems, but lets try not to focus on any of the problems and move our mindset strongly back to a high vibe place of “All is well” all can be well again and feeling dark and low really serves us no purpose what so ever. Recognise that we are feeling low and then whip ourselves into shape and get right back on the upbeat train……………..

My tooth was fixed, I met an amazing person on the train home and now today I am sitting with my sister sipping tea and watching Netflix knowing once again that I passed with flying colours the irritation of a few head bangs and a broken tooth… I am not broken for it… I am strong and fixed and I know that with a better mindset I can achieve whatever I want and there is no need to worry or stress.

I will be happy and strong and my adventure on the boat was fabulous and fun – my focus is on being excited for the now – I implore you to be excited for your future whatever your circumstances. You will get over your split with your once thought perfect match !!! You will meet someone better. Trust yourself, trust your future, believe in your better thoughts.

Hear hear, Believe in your better thoughts.

Come on Believe believe believe…Shift that mindset.


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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