Day 47, Tethering and it’s glorious outcomes…..

I have a new favourite word “Tethering” I am delighted to realise that I am 56 and I am learning how to tether my phone wifi to my laptop so that I can blog in my cabin (too far from house for the sky wifi)

– I have learned to tether boats securely using knots I learn’t a long time ago and thought I had forgotten.

… I can tether myself to anything I choose at anytime.

The danger with being tethered to something you really don’t want, is that this attachment can manifest itself into pain – because you can feel upset at losing something. I had this explained to me by a lovely Buddhist Monk who made me realise that I needed to lose my strong attachments to people and things because I was going to die – “Maybe today” he said….. (yikes !!!) yes today… You could get run over by a bus !!!

I learn’t to wake up in the morning knowing that I could actually die this very day, It seemed morbid but the more I meditated and contemplated what it is to die, I became less attached to my things and people and gradually felt so much better about the concept of leaving this mortal earth prematurely. I also started to feel a huge appreciation for my life as it was and everyday I set my mind to making to day a great day. After all It was my Now, I often refer to these teachings to bring myself back in line – Meditating on Death and Attachment really can lead you to clearer happiness, strange as that seems.

We all go through rough times, but so far with my own experience, I have come through them all. Each one has etched it’s position in my mind or scratched the surface of my body. My physical being has been chopped and bits removed and during this time I have opened my mind to learning. Not really realising it but I have had the opportunity to reach out to expanding my mind. During this time I have researched, practised, taught, listened, learned. Moving at a pace through the years, moving things out of my way, physically restoring myself, mentally strengthening = This journey is immense.

This is my journey and so many people are on my path. They say we should, take the path less trodden, but trust me the people who are on this particular path at this phase of my life are not taking up too much space, they are making the space beautiful, I’m on a lightly trodden path, through a meadow filled with flowers and sunshine, because these people believe in me and like me for who I am.

If I just think about those people who have joined me at meet ups, my family and a few close friends – they are the people who make life so great. It’s not cabins and boats that are important it is people and the love they share with each other. I notice who likes and shares my stuff, you are so precious to me. Thank you all.

I can see the rise of hope in us all, I want us all to have hope.

I can see the blessing of being on the same team, as a team we can achieve so much more.

We just need to know deeply that the success of others does not ever take away from our own success.

.. So feel free to help others, because you will florish. I do feel that you will come across those who will be takers and not givers. Give them enough but not all, give them love but you don’t need to give them your best.

Together we can help each other achieve rather than battle for that place our ego wants us to take for ourselves.

We are here to believe in ourselves, and by seeing the good in others we can take ourselves as individuals to a much higher place.

Our own position and opportunities will flourish the more we are out there.

At the conference on Monday one of the speakers Elaine Bonfer came back on stage because she had forgotten the favourite bit of her talk. It was about reaching into your heart – her words were spoken with a softness that was beguiling and I made a mental note to learn about this again. She spoke of Ho’oponopono here’s a you tube explaining about this Hawaiian healing technique. Have a go at this is you are struggling to find your inner peace.

It’s beautiful and if we all run with forgiveness and focus on love then the world really will be a better place.

It inspired me to write a little poem




By Gill Fell

Find the love in yourself then love will flow around you. Forgive yourself and others then love can come in.

There is only love – see it – believe in it – feel it – Love is all we need


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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  1. Very thoughtful ❤️ So many tetherings………….. time for a shake off……….. but maybe not today!!!! If tomorrow doesn’t come, ‘ Sorry for the mess!!’ Love you 😘

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