Day 48 ……Making a love potion Macbeth/Grinch style…..

Today it’s day 48 and I am having a delicious potter about the home day, tidying and cleaning and generally enjoying being. Yes Being. Being what? Nothing Just Being.

I have made yet another decision…. Not to make any decisions !!!

Just Be

So I walked Jassy legs and enjoyed the windy Birkdale nature reserve and a lovely doggie called Maisie entertained Jas whilst I strolled and enjoyed the company of Penny her owner.

Then at home I started pottering about emptying the bins and generally making the place feel tidy again.

I had a break on facebook and put up a post that it was so nice to look for love and enjoy the posts of others and I can say that looking for liking and loving peoples stuff is definitely life enhancing.

I am giving myself time.

Ideas can flow when we get a clarity of mind.

When we realise that we do not always have to come up with the answer for everything ourselves.

If we can let our minds relax and get our little jobs done then we get a sense of achievement – this can lead us to better thinking and intentions.

This I have experienced today. I know that I want to work but that work needs to be life enhancing for me as well as life enhancing for others.

The MIND Of STEEL Evening was 1 week ago today !!! I cannot believe what I have achieved in a tiny week of my life. It is such a full life.

My message today is please do not dwell on the “problems” but give yourself the opportunity to just BE.

Mindfulness and the Brain

Research on Mindfulness suggests that learning the skill of “Being in the Now” can actually change the way our brains process information so that there is more activity in brain centers involved with processing positive emotions, and more interconnections between right and left hemispheres and the cortex and limbic systems. Mindfulness training results in improved relationships, life satisfaction, and pain relief.

The Advantages of “Being” Where We Are

”Being” mode is a core component of mindfulness and spiritual practices. It is something that requires practice and training because we need to overcome our minds’ natural habits and fear-based biases. Experiencing “Being” mode can help us feel more whole and relaxed; we move from reacting automatically to having more choices about how we respond, based on a fuller understanding and acceptance of our own sensory, physical, and emotional experience. It is the opposite of dissociation and avoidance that many people use to cope with negative emotions and situations. We activate the more loving “approach” circuits of our brain and move away from the “avoidance” modes.

So I am actively, activating a more loving approach to my life….. You can tell by my little poem yesterday – self love is me.

I am love

You are love

We are love

I see the love in you and you will see it in me

I can relax and know that all is love

Now if we trust we can stop and learn that we don’t need to work hard to become someone we can relax and know that we already are someone.

Us and Us is more than enough.


I’ve tried and tried to become a success,

From childhood to Navy, to Pr and Press,

Here’s to love and to loss,

To the Bridges that I cross,

From the path I have carved,

To my ego It’s halved,

Reach out to welcome the love I have found,

And cheers to the glasses of wine I have downed,

My journey of now, is trully begun,

….. the battles I’ve lost, the wisdom I’ve won, (pinched from Macbeth)

I am the witch standing on the moor,

My cauldron boiling up, a potion for L’amour.


I like these Grinch style witches !!!

Witches Grinch styleWitches Macbeth

Let’s not waste our lives trying to rub out the mucky spot, but forgive ourselves and move on to a much better place to BE

be be be be be be be be be be be be be be


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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