Day 51 … How’s quickly time goes from plaits to Pink Hair.

I was driving my car to the dealers to have it’s Airbags changed, a recall job, I was a bit late but decided to enjoy the traffic jam caused by the parents taking their kids to school.

I looked at these lovely little beings, holding hands with mums and siblings, their little faces aglow with excitement for the day at primary school.

The girls had beautifully weaved plaits and slides to match. At the School entrance they looked up to their mums and pecked the on the cheeks of the parent, a tiny hand held up to wave bye for now and off they went into the quite obvious joyous day ahead.

And whoosh……………………………………..

It took me right back to September 7th 1998 when Olivia my now 23 year old started School. I also opened Pinetops Health Club that very day.

I was up at 5am straight down to the health club to prepare for the doors opening at 9.30am (I had to make it 9.30 because I wanted to take Liv to school for her first day).

I rushed around and got back home at 7.30 – got the kids up and Livvy had red ribbons to match her red uniform cardigan. Hair got plaited and off we went to the first day of school.

I really don’t like the smell of September. It’s lovely really, the privit bushes smell brilliant and the air is slightly damp.

It reminds me of the kids going back to school, I loved them being off for the summer, life was so much easier than the life I had chosen – rushing around, full time jobs, Child care. Busy busy.

When I got the first C thing.. Olivia and James turned into fabulous Can do little people. Making cups of tea and hoovering when asked. Liv had a white board in her bedroom and kept herself organised !!! Crikey I learn’t a lot from that child and James was in charge of us all ha ha and still is.

But look at the photo’s of my kids and see that babies quickly become toddlers, school starts, teenage years then off they fly like birds to find their way. Then we can reflect on our own lives. Then we become the age of our mothers so quickly the time goes. My mum is 79 and just about to go on a cruise with her 81 year old friend. My friend Betty is 91 this year and wonders where the years went.

Now is our time… This is as good as our bodies get. The future holds more wrinkles and the signs of age.

So why not take this moment right now to thank our bodies, our hands our faces and teeth.

To put our costumes on and go for a swim, to put our trainers on and go for a walk.

While we can, I bet James and Livvy wonder where the time went from Plaits to Pink hair – I remember the neighbour we lived by called Eve Topper had a pink rinse and I used to say “ohhhh Pink Hair” … I will have pink hair one day.

But I really hope that they know that they can fly.

……………………………………. I am proud to be their mum.

Now I will learn to fly.

I will unravel my wings and have a go.

My 3rd Chapter of Life is what I make it.

I’m going to make it my best.

With love to you today. Day 51 – Day 100 will be upon us super quickly…

I wonder what exciting things will happen between now and then.

so much love minute by minute I send to you.




Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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