Blog 53 …. 18th June 1979… Stand up Wren Williamson and salute your father.

It’s Fathers day today so my first wish is for all those Fathers past and present to feel the love that they are given today. Here’s a picture that I took of my dad Mr Alistair Williamson when he was off to a posh do.


I speak to a lot of people who miss their fathers and feel a dreadful sadness over their loss. I try not to feel like this. I include him in my thoughts and ask him for guidance or help whenever I need it and talk about him often. Whenever I get the chance. He was such fun. Always had a story to tell and enjoyed being sociable and was very funny, loved telling a joke and getting a laugh.

He especially enjoyed laughing when my son James used to ask him (all in joke fashion) for money !!! He’d say “you think I’m” – the other thing he liked was a good whiskey and had been known to (in the interest of medicinal purposes ) over indulge in said spirit or Rum – or one time in Santorini !!! oh let’s not go there… but needless to say he lost a few days of that holiday.

He also loved bowling and because he had lived his life with disability from Polio when he was 3, he had no use of his right arm which was just a little thin arm and hand he used to tuck into his pocket and a weaker left leg.. This however gave him an opportunity as a left handed bowler !!! I have a photo of him with his trophy – he had found a sport late in life that he could do and he became a winner all over again.

When I had James I travelled up to visit my parents and was holding the baby whilst trying to butter a scone with one hand. That moment I realised what a skill it was to only have the use of one hand and the difficulty of achieving everyday things became truly apparent to me.

It made me think of how my father just got on with what he “could do” rather than focus on his problems. He was a master at most things, he could make a rabbit hutch, fix the drain, build a garage, project manage anything, organise a party and cook fabulous meals. He was generous and caring, he was a great person.

He particularly liked embarassing the kids… Playing Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” really loud in the car whilst they were passengers. James and I did a drive by his grave not so long ago to pay him back – he will have liked that. I say Will not Would have, because I firmly believe he is around somewhere still with us.

He was very sad when I got the C thing – I got through my treatment and then he got diagnosed with Prostate C, we drove each other to Clatterbridge (our C centre) – He drove me so I drove him. We had fun at during this time – We got on with it. But made our time together whatever we were doing count. We played games whilst waiting and chatted with my mum and Ali my sister, about all kinds of stuff.

He loved a good road trip and Simon and I went to Coll and Arran, searching for clues of ancestory. Our last road trip was to the Lakeside in Windermere with mum and my sister. He was poorly then but still got dressed for dinner and enjoyed the fresh air and the company. He was fun to be with.

I can write this and not cry with sadness because it was an honour to have him as my dad. I see a Robin or a feather, I see a plant or a tree or a wheel of a car – I see my dad, I see the Glenfiddich, the gold finches, the hospice, the grave, I only see love.. The type of love that you are proud to have – the type of love you don’t have to ever worry about it leaving you.

You are the love of your father.

When I decided to join the Wrens my dad organised a party for me – it was also my 18th Birthday Party. He put a little boat with “HMS GILLY” on the side and I have a copy of it somewhere in my special memories box.

It was a great party at Shorrocks Hill with all my friends. I wore a white pencil skirt suit with black shoes. I had cropped short hair and danced the night away to Bryan Ferry, David Bowie – T Rex and all my favourite music.

Today is the 18th June -The anniversary of the day I joined the Wrens and here I sit – writing this about my fabulous father and can reflect on what an absolute priviledge my life has been because of him.

I know for sure he would have loved my narrowboat. But I have a bell on the boat that I will ring to remember him and have a tot to toast his being.

But mostly smile because he was awesome.

So here’s to you my wonderful father on the 18th June 2017 Wren Williamson stands to salute you – to a rendition of “Black Betty” and with a tot of the finest.

To you Sir “Alistair Williamson”

Play it loud (after the advert !!!) It’s worth the wait Bam a lam


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