Blog 62 …. Fashion and Beauty Awards, Mary Quant and Me….

I am so happy that I have been asked to attend the Liverpool Fashion and Beauty awards this evening in a trendy restaurant in Town called The Sugar hut.

It’s a really prestigious event with the brilliant finalists accepting a win or not, in style.

It’s a great place to be with other businesses in our fabulous city – these few businesses are all winners in my eyes because there are literally thousands of businesses that could have been nominated but we’re not !!! So I hope they all know that they have done brilliantly well anyway. Win or not they are all outstanding

Amanda Moss PR who owns The Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine is the organiser and juggles her family life and business with an awesome go getter attitude that will no doubt inspire these often younger business owners to do the same- they can aspire to great things – keep moving forward and growing with new wisdom and enthusiasm.

Once you realise you can make up your own rules your world can open up – I remember having a meeting with her at the Women’s Organisation where Amanda breastfed her baby and enjoyed participating in business with the full inclusion of her husband (also a Simon) and her gorgeous 6th Baby Esme.

She makes her own rules – it’s working pretty well – why not think about changing some of yours ?

As I sit here in my wooden cabin with my walking netball attire on – the thought strikes me that I will have to scrub up myself !!! Hmmm, this could take some time 😂

Jas nose in LV bag

But for now I am watching Jas shred a yoghurt pot and the heater is on, I can see birds on the feeder and I can revel in the moment of my day where the beauty is all around me – I have plenty of time to shower and blow dry my hair – apply a skimming of make up and some lippy and I will stride my 56 year old self into an arena of youth and beauty. I will make my own rules !!!

Jas napping in Cabin

what should I wear ? Are sketchers fashionable ? Should I wear Vintage – as a celebration of Fashion in my day ….. Lol

Should I try to be fashionable ? what is fashion for my age ? What is the latest trend for the over 50’s ?

I realise that most of my clothes are “boater chic!” Stripes and more stripes – great on a boat but not really what I feel I’d like to wear !!!!

Now my mind is in turmoil….. I remember my red hot pants in the 70’s and my Loons!! Yeah I loved them – and my Oxford bags and platform shoes – I wish I still had my uber cool white pencil skirt suit I wore for my 18th birthday

…… Actually it would be no good anyway it was a size 10 and now I am a teenager in dress size !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great thought appears to me ………. Like a flash of lightening it comes to me . Wear a black dress !!!!! But it’s summer …. But it’s raining and cold!!!!!

In the spirit of making my own rules my favourite dress is like a 60’s Mary Quant Mini dress and because of a turn in the weather I can wear Black Tights ……. Oh how I love the winter with its leggings and opaques.

So that’s settled then – a large handbag is required !!!!! Why …. So I can walk from the car park to the venue in my sketchers and change into my high heels just before reaching the trendy Hut place …. A ha ….

I realise that the Physio was right – I can do anything – just not at the pace I used to.

It all takes strategic planning and the attitude of ‘can do’

So Mary Quant, by Planet it is (I won’t do the coloured eyeshadow) I will watch a Stephi La Reine make up vlog and try my best- but accept that no amount of poly filler will make me 25 again – so Less is more

I can’t wait to clap the winners and spend time with “go getters” – you become the company you keep – so maybe that will rub off on me ….

My motto lately is ….. “Got it, had it, don’t want it”

Let’s hope a big menopausal hot flush doesn’t strike me and I end up swimming 😂

I’ll report back tomorrow on the superstars – maybe there will be other “mature” people there ? Who knows but I’m going t have some fun anyway.

Being with young people keeps you young they say !!!

Or get a dog ?

Jury is out on that one

But for now – make your own rules and have some fun – old or young – cast your worries aside and strive to be a Go getter – or a go getter that got it !!!!

Featured in this blog is Jas in my Louis Vitton Bag – a gift from Elle Beyga a very beautiful and Fasionable lady who is – go getter,got it and gives some away !!! How fab !!! Forever grateful for that bag …..

So it’s a bye for now from Jas and Gill

In the cabin with Louis V and thoughts of beauty


Share a little Mary Quant and drift back to the good old days :)


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