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It was a lovely experience going to the Fashion and Beauty awards event last night and I did choose well. My Planet (Mary Quant) look alike dress was comfortable and stylish and un-noticeable amongst the variety of styles on show.

The catwalk show expressed youth and skinny shape clothing…. Nice but not for the majority of the audience who were normal shapes and sizes… These clothes – some of them completely see through were giving my mind a hay day with thoughts of who the heck would wear that (out of the bedroom) …. But then I am so far from being a fashionista, who am I to judge. Oh flip were they beach outfits !!! Keep up old lady !!

The audience were all business people who were nominated for awards and the atmosphere was vibrant with the energy of expectation and alcohol induced frivolity – The awards were given out and I accepted an award for a fabulous girl Beauty and fashion blogger Stephi LaReine = Check out her Blog it’s awesome…

I also sat next to another winner Sherrie Warwick who won an award as a make up artist… She was very good company – witty and humorous – so that was fun

Here she is with her award.

Sherrie winner

It has made me think about what fashion means to me.

The answer is… Not much ! I have never been one to follow the trend, dashing out to get the latest colour or top. I am flawed now and feel that I like to dress to suit my shape and use clothes to try and enhance what I’ve got rather than show too much of it or wear things that are a particular size.

Sizing has gone bonkers !!! Now I fear that people are frightened to wear a size bigger even if that makes the outfit look so much better on them. They have size phobia.

I really liked some of the dresses the audience wore last night but couldn’t help but think if they had bought the larger size it would make them look slimmer ? Less cling more glide over the body?

Girls don’t be scared go up a size – all the shop sizes are completely crazy – just get the thing that feels great on you.

Have size confidence. If it clings then sling it ….

When also did a VPL become fashionable? Big knickers completely on show through taught fabric – ? I am so out of date.. I thought VPL’s were to be avoided completely?

However I cannot do a G string !!! Call me Bridget Jones if you want but give me a high rise over a G anyday. Actually seeing the stringy bit over your trousers was never a fashion I would want to follow either. But somehow these fashionista’s pulled it off.

So my general feelings are – wear what the heck you want – If you want to show your undies then do so. If you want to wear a skin tight, low back – cut to your butt bit of sackcloth then be my guest. I will applaud you for your confidence and your ability to take fashion and shake it’s weak little bones and give it some meat to hang on to.

Let’s give fashion a shake up

Let’s create styles by thinking about our bodies and dressing to make us feel good.

We don’t need to show flesh just for the sake of it – ask ourselves questions like

a. what do I look like from the back – do my rolls of back fat look good in this?

b. If my dress is cut to the string at the front will my knickers show whilst dancing later in the evening?

c. Do I feel like a million dollars in the outfit?

d. Do I impress me?

e. Am I proud of me in this outfit?

Being with the winners produced a warm fuzzy glow in me that I am not totally out of it. I am confident with my outfits and feel that I dress to suit my shape.

I am going to keep paying attention to my body, with my health and fitness knowledge I would like to stay the size I am by keeping fit and eating a balanced diet.

But it is great to experience the lastest designers creations and see what Liverpools movers and shakers don to go to events.

Life is a whirlpool of new experiences and last night was a fabulous insight to what goes on whilst I am at walking netball !!! Liverpool a hive of creative brilliance all pulled together by Amanda Moss who totally smashed another great Liverpool event.

So here’s to us all … Winners creating our own ideas of Fashion and Beauty….

Ps …. you can now get stuff to paint over broken veins on the backs of your knees !!!! oh yes I am learning so much…. Keep getting out there and shop till you drop xxxxxxxx

Love ya

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps nothing I say is absolutely accurate !!!!


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