Blog 81…. Federer…. a god in Tennis clothing – with manners.

I’m watching Federer playing tennis, he’s like a god on that court with his little head band on – oh to be the lucky recipient of one of those sweaty gifts, thrown into the adoring crowd after the match !! I’ve often thought about the hygiene of this activity…. the still sweaty band lands on your lap !! … do you politely get a tissue to wrap it in, to keep it forever in it’s natural state. Or do you rush it home to put it on a hot wash with plenty of fabric conditioner, so it emerges smelling of country meadows or crisp white linen?
Maybe Roger has more decorum after this game and won’t chuck his body fluids up into the crowd??? We shall see – it’s 2 sets to Roger, 2 games all in the 3rd set.

I am also amazed at the total discipine of how they just nibble a tiny bit of banana for energy… I would have to eat the whole lot, then feel totally queasy during the game.

I love the tennis, but today, it’s been so hot outside that really it’s a shame to sit indoors watching TV. I mean how many days will we have like this?

I’ve had back spasms today, not great – I get them from time to time, I think it was because I stayed in bed too long this morning. The longer I lie the worse my back feels. So I am going to set my alarm tomorrow for super early. Ha that will fool my body !!!- I am going to go to the gym to do my back exercises and have a swim.

Oh the tennis is just about the finish……….. yay Fed’s takes the championship !!! hang on….. he’s taking off his head band….. it’s in his hand…. his cuff’s removed…. is he, is he, nope they are in his bag. He chucks a tennis ball to the crowd… I love this man.

He is a true gent. Plus he probably has a sense of saving the world. As these items can be re-used. He’s holding up the golden trophy, you deserve it man. Such a great guy. Well done Roger Federer. Unlucky Marin (aww he’s crying) I hate it when they do that. The Tennis players are not only great athletes but nice people too. I feel sad for him now – Can’t help but feel for the underdog.

Now our Roger is speaking, congratulating Marin, saying such nice words – making his defeated opponent feel better. Such a great fellow.

I think that Roger Federer should start a school of manners. He is truly an awesome chap.

Kate is there, she said in an interview with Sue Barker that she had a crush on Roger !!! Well who hasn’t Katie dwarling….

Anyway moving on… that’s Wimbledon done which means we have loads of British Summer time left and yesterday I started Day one of My Life as a holiday or something like that.

Let’s enjoy our summer my friends.

Let’s notice our hedgerows and our blooming gardens, let’s rejoice in the Buddlea flowers the bees and the butterflies.


My pal Clare and her hubby with Simon on Amy Belle – I’m going to have more boaty fun…..


Have a great Sunday, tomorrow I am going to try and video a relaxing canal moment ………

only 19 blogs to go… I bet you are relieved !!!


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