Blog 85 ….. who is the judge of you?

It’s only just occurring to me as you know I am at a fine age of 56 years now. The joy of the realisation of I need not worry about people judging me has really kicked in.

Wow it’s like a rush of self fulfilment, if it were to be sold in the back streets people would be on a high without the nasty stuff.

My joy today is overwhelming, I can feel the love of the people around me and I think that is because I have got to grips with feeling the love for myself.

I am me

Who are you?

who are you image

Can you find out toot suite and get that self love flowing ? Because time does not tick on… it flippin’ rushes on as quick as a flash you also will be 56 or maybe you are nearer 70 and reading this… (excuse me… get on with it) but hopefully you have already gained this explosive, balance of self respect, love and acceptance. I hope so.

I did some soul searching and came out the other end knowing that I am a good person. I sound like I am trying to justify that. But I’m not. No longer do I worry about what other people think of me (most of them form their own opinions without getting to know me) – and let’s face it.

Why does it matter what someone else’s opinion is of you? To you? OK

Maybe at work people can grade you or do your appraisal, and yes we are not perfect people and yes we get stuff wrong. I’m not really talking about that kind of thing.

We have to know that always in life their will be greater and lesser than us.

Joanna Lumley in her India programme last night said that the Indian men had cobbled together a cinema so they could watch films. She was sat with the Dali Lama and said theses people have nothing but they have happiness in their faces. He says that if everything includes love and compassion then that leads to happiness.

Love and compassion

I realise that these words are the most important. Love and Compassion.

In a few of my meet ups I have included “throwing love and compassion” at a problem to help sort it out. It’s great to have a reminder so that once again I can embrace this feeling of looking at life through the Heart shaped window.

I love that window.

Have you ever turned on your phone and the camera is open with the flip side open, so you have a full on view of yourself when you are not expecting it?

I have scared myself so many times with this image.

Now I am not going to scare myself… I’m going to say “Hi Gill, You are looking fabulous today”

Am I the only one judging myself, my face, my body, my voice, my actions, in a negative way.

I used to be an athlete, so now I must switch my mindset to not what I used to have, not judging my body and comparing it to how it was when I was young. But to have a good look at it in the mirror and say………….

“Hey girl friend, you are lookin’ mighty fine today” and have a giggle.

love and compassion - you are worthy

Yes I am riding my bike, yes I am doing a bit of gym (gotta mind my back), yes I am doing my exerciseS, my breathing, my meditations, my blogs, my boat, my foody foods !!!


Now I’m looking at all this stuff I achieve, (and btw I am typing this in Ormskirk hospital while I wait for my mum who’s having a toothy peggy pulled out) yikes…….. So give ya sel a pat on the back girl. And my heart goes out to the people on the wards today, may you have a speedy recovery.

Gill you are achieving, you are a success – I may even start my own personal flipping fan club today.

1 member – they most important person in my life… guess whooooo


Ok less of me – more of What’s in it for you? You the good people reading this stuff.

Well let’s see. Today I really want you to consider yourself (one of us !!!)

No really consider you.

Ask yourself questions

1. Do I like myself as I am? If not what changes can I make about me to make me like myself more?
2. Would I like to make some changes about me?
3. What positive steps can I make to make a better me?
4. Do I eat a healthy diet?
5. Do I drink too much alcohol?
6. Do I exercise enough?
7. Do I meditate?
8. Do I rest?
9. Do I have a laugh?
10. Do I have a hobby that I love
11. Do I spend too much time fretting over others?
So once those questions are answered put some action into place. Set some challenges. Make some changes.

Make some changes that lead to you giving yourself more compassion and love.

If you speak kindly to yourself, you will find yourself speaking more kindly to others.

Then as a habit of speaking kindly to yourself, you will find an ever increasing love for yourself.

Forgive yourself quickly for any little or big things you have said or done that you are not proud of – come on we’ve all been there !!!

Were not angels are we?

If there are lots of things that we are think we have done wrong.. then spend a few minutes a day thinking about them and then forgive yourself for them and this will help you move on and let go of them.

Them bang in the old compassion and love and whoosh… You will be well on the way to loving your little self better.

We are all precious small humans. We can’t be perfect. As we are learning we have made mistakes. Now it’s time to let them go.

Let’s not dwell on our negatives. Yes. Forgive yourself, but that’s it done then.

That’s great …. Then give yourself a big pat on the back. Because personal growth is being developed and that’s always a good thing.

So that will do for today. I’m off to the Open.

TTFN from me Gill Fell and all my former flaws that I have now completely forgiven myself for.

Let me know If I owe you an apology for anything. You will get one.

Love and compassion from me to you.



love and compassion 2


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

2 thoughts

  1. Love peace and compassion to you x every morning after yoga and meditation I say this prayer, as taught to me by my yoga teacher Jane Cornwall.
    (Prayer hands to forehead) May my thoughts be filled with love and compassion for myself and for all beings
    (Prayers hands to lips) May my words be filled…etc
    (Prayer hands to heart) May my heart be filled…etc

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