Blog 86 …… Looking at you through the heart shaped window


Let’s be change makers, lets eliminate hesitation, let’s get closer to now. So instead of worrying about things we have no control over let’s just focus on now.

I know my big love in life (apart from Simon and the kids obs) is helping people so now I have less than 20 blogs to go before my mission is done, what am I going to continue with. Yes helping others achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

I stopped offering coaching and putting on meet ups to see what turned up for me, and so far I think my purpose was to have a bit of a soul search moment or two. The events of the last 3 weeks have given me a slap in the face followed by a renewed sense of well being. Yes I am still feeling the moments of upset but that’s ok because when you lose a friend you don’t have to just bounce back completely in a few hours. These events just embed the words of Betty – “Cast your worries to the wind”. #belikebetty

So now midway through the year I am thinking (because Donna Thompson helped me think) it may be a good time to consider doing a bit of planning for the next part of the year.

Have you thought about what you actually want?

I have and by process of elimination I have come up with helping people using the resources I have rather than hiring halls etc. I will make sure that my work is effortless and fun. It will include holistic sections. It will also be all based around compassion and love. It will include my boat and cabin and it will all be relaxed and effortless.

Have you thought about yours? Do a little mind map – make yourself a vision board (personally I use Pinterest) Write your journal, your diary, your colour coded spread sheet. But do have a little think about you and what you would like to achieve.

Life plan 1

Stop for a while and see if there are any issues you would like to resolve, any little things you would like to sort out? Find out what’s important to you.

Life plan 2

Choose your own way, try not to be influenced by other peoples opinions

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, another way concep

Start your own fresh new plan

Life Plan

I’m still going to offer coaching and will put it on the meet up site. But I’m also going to consider how much time I want to put to a variety of things. For example

Here’s 2 of mine

Exercise – With challenging myself to do a morning cycle – I am now smashing out 20-30 minutes of extra exercise !!! and I’m enjoying the routine of it. It’s definitely helping my endorphin boosting. The benefits of exercise are huge.

Diet – I love eating healthy food, so get in the fruit and veg and eat a 80 – 20% (obviously 80 is the percentage of healthy food – the 20 is treats and drinks !!!)

It feels great to get control of yourself – I know the overwhelming feeling of not having control. Maybe putting on weight, getting into bad eating habits, swearing !!!, or whatever.

Take control back easily

Take control 2

Don’t hold onto the past thoughts or actions . Let them go by taking control of your mind…

take control 3

Start a new fresh way, one that you love – choose who you want to become

Take control

Let’s choose to be Awesome US.

We will be guided beautifully, just trust that you are amazing and that things will unfold with ease if only you allow them to.

Love and Compassion to you all…

Thanks to my friend Karine for this lovely prayer

Love peace and compassion to you x every morning after yoga and meditation I say this prayer, as taught to me by my yoga teacher Jane Cornwall.

(Prayer hands to forehead) May my thoughts be filled with love and compassion for myself and for all beings
(Prayers hands to lips) May my words be filled…etc
(Prayer hands to heart) May my heart be filled…etc

You and your loved ones first.

Mother Teresa

Love from me, your humble Gill Fell – see you through the heart shaped window

Positive not perfect.



Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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