Blog 92 Busy doing nothing…. Lazy like a hippo

It’s really great having this blog to think about. It has been therapeutic, mind clearing, quiet and shouty and has made me think about so much stuff that still needs addressing deep down in my tiny mind.

Trouble with me is…….. I THINK TOO MUCH. Thinking is exhausting.

So that leads me to OVER THINKING – the tendancy is to think myself into a complete, complex, unnecessary, twizzle.

Ah haaaaa, now I have recognised it – I just switch it of ? right?

Errr well yeah ! how on earth do you find the on off button for your over thinking mind?

Can you buy one on ebay? (I love ebay soooo much) – most of my over thinking time is spent looking at bikes or boats on Ebay – really if I counted the time I spend mulling over things I have no intention of buying I could probably fit a few more hours in each day and therefore achieve so much more !!! be more productive…


Ok admission time – here’s where my time goes

Twitter (less)
Instagramm (same as Twitter)
Ebay (same as Facebook)
Messenger (same as twit and Insta)
Looking aimslessly from the window (more than facebook)
Throwing a ball for Jas (Even more than facebook plus twitter)

And that’s what I’m admitting to.. add up all those minutes = it would equal probably half the day !!! oh heck – no wonder I don’t get enough done.

Right it stops right now.. well after this tweet hang on…..

Well someone Re-tweeted something important and I feel I should heart it for them !!! errr helllooo Earth to Gill. Get a life !!!

Being Productive

So I now recognise that I may be busy… but not productive. And then I get all overwhelmed with all the stuff I have not done !!

Being productive 3

Garfield and I may be more similar than I would ever have imagined !!! oops

Being productive 2

Everyone likes to do what they like to do – yes ! No one likes to do things they don’t like to do ? Also Yes

I find that if someone says come to this event … all of a sudden I have the energy to get scrubbed up and get the train and chat and be all yay – but if I slobbed about at home I have not got the energy to put the dog toys in the bucket (well she ragged the nice box I bought – ha try chewing through that tin Princess Jasmine)

So is my energy in my mind too?

Sometimes yes

Sometimes No

When you are feeling well you know you can achieve anything, it’s those days were you feel under the weather, you can try and raise your energy level by doing exercise, or vibrational energy exercises. But if you are poorly, like a virus or worse. Then you have to give yourself “guilt free” rest time.

productive minions

Occasionally you have to work out whether you actually are poorly, or is it just boredom, laziness for certain jobs (ahhhherrrrrmmmmmm)

When you have a good imagination, you can believe you are some kind of super hero?

lazy superlazy

Or you can be a blogger !!!!! blogging about being lazy and eat chips whilst you think about maybe blogging?

Lazy blog

Or a podcast – you don’t even need to type

Lazy podcast

I’ve never thought of myself as being lazy as I am always busy !! but alas


This is Jas and I trying to hide from the ironing pile

Hippo in mud

But at least I do get the ironing done and the house is clean, and beds are changed but it’s sooooo boring doing these jobs.

So from September I am back to my workshops and meet ups and I’m going to empower the people and help them be more productive.

I have a plan of action and I am sticking to it.

Meet ups, retreats and workshops x loads
Mind of Steel conference x 2 a year

And from now until September I am going to de-clutter, finish my blog challenge and get my time management sorted so I do not waste my day on all the above Time snafflers !!!!!!

So go on be productive with me.

Love and big energy to you all

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Raising your energy – Power music !!! wear headphones for best results.

Brainwave Power Music


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

2 thoughts

  1. I’m still recovering from yesterday – my day was like this, Skype calls with contractors re painting my house in Formby, 26 sun salutations on the deck, meditation and prayers, inspirational fb postings and email correspondence with soul family during healthy breakfast on deck, 3 hours bookkeeping work, 30 lengths breast stroke and back stroke at the lovely open air pool with hubby, lunch on deck with hubby, banking, treat – mani pedi au naturel (buffed to shiny nails no polish), an hour more work stock taking input data, yoga class under the trees in the park with hubby and friends, delicious organic curry at the Lotus Cafe, bed at 9.30! Perfect but exhausting day!

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