Blog 93 – Must have everything from a swimming pool to a brass kingfisher with a bendy beak ……

I seem to go from one extreme to another, yesterday I was positively boasting about how Lazy I can be for various things (the things I can’t be bothered with) then today I have been the least lazy person on the planet !!!

So why is it that I appear to be very extreme? Or am I like this all of the time but I just do not notice?

I was rather pleased with myself this morning after walking the dog I went on a 2 hour bike ride with the Sefton cycle group. It was a bit of a bimble but nice to be riding a bike. Although I do need a new one !!! Suspension and different position handlebars to try and cut down the shock and help my back muscles strengthen.

However, that’s not why I was particularly pleased with myself.. We were riding along and I heard this woman say.

“Oh no they may start cutting the nettles back in a minute, I’ve seen the tractor”

Followed by

“They really need to fill in these pot holes”

Now then there’s 2 x negative statements

I didn’t even notice the nettles or the pot holes because I was focused on the beauty of the day – the sunshine, the hedgerow, the trees and all the Bumble bees and stuff

I thought to myself – what a negative woman all she is seeing is the bad bits. So I was super proud of myself for not moaning. Obviously my years of Positive Mental Attitude is finally paying off. I am deffinately thinking in a better way. My focus is on the good stuff.

The bike ride was great, we had a sherbet lemon half way (a sweet !!!! a real sweet) I thought how nice to have some lemon (ok it was a sweet and sweets are bad) but I enjoyed it’s lemony badness and it took me back to the sweet shop on the way home from school, where 2 ounces of Lemon Bon Bons cost 2p. I loved that sweet shop. There is an old fashioned newsagent and sweet shop where I live now and I make a point of going in there regularly – no not to buy sweets but a magazine or newspaper because the smell of that shop is a relic of my past, it is a nasal sensation, it is going into a time machine and coming out 35 years earlier.

Then I have been shopping for food – we watched James Martin last night cooking steak in Dijon sauce and now I really must eat that exact food on a mountain side with a slight easterly breeze and a large glass of red.

Ok maybe I don’t have the mountain side but I do have the other ingredients and my windows look out onto the back garden – there is a bit of an undulation in the centre so I can believe that is the mountain. (a future sink hole more like !!) If I do get a sink hole I am going to make it into a swimming pool.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have your own swimming pool – I would deffo be straight out of bed and doing a few lengths. (it would save showering !! haha only kidding)

I have priced up having a swimming pool built but people put me off because of the cost of running it. But ahhhh haaaa what about solar panels ???? or a wind thingy or I could build a pond and swish it about for hydro electricity or put Jas on a treadmill and she could power it with her boundless energy ???

See where there is a will there is a way !!!

Let’s see whether the future brings me a Swimming pool ????? or maybe my euro millions win is a big one and I move to a house with a swimming pool already there !!!

Just because I don’t have one today, doesn’t mean I will never have one. This gets me thinking ….

It’s raining outside pretty heavily. I’m feeling quite hot here blogging away. Little Jas face looking at her ball then looking at me.

I’m still thinking about looking on right move for a house with a swimming pool.

This is what it’s like in my head. I get an idea and it then nibbles away at me. But you really do have to be careful what you ask for because it may just turn up.

The Grass and the garden is getting greener by the minute. Should we start building an ARC?

This week has flown by I cannot believe it was the Open last weekend and Liv was home – this weekend nothing !!! rest up time. I glance at Jas, she glances at me, she glances at the ball, I glance back to the word REST !!! sigh

So I have also cleaned a bit of the cabin out and put my pine dining table in and chairs ready for September’s workshops etc. Then went and picked up 2 dresses for my next holidays, popped in to see a friend and now blog writing. Oh also dealt with a few spammy phone calls.

Busy and I would say productive day. And after my realisation that I am busy but not productive yesterday, today I have excelled myself. Plus it is not over yet. It’s only 19.17 in the evening I still have dinner to eat, wine to drink and telly to watch (probably 2 episodes of Suits).

So a good day – I really hope your day was good too. Full of lovely helpful, positive people, loving you as you should be loved.

Let’s all have a lovely weekend.

Expect great things to happen and they will.

I will sign off with a Poem that George Stanley Evans wrote and I forgot to add it to my poetry blog.

We are glad you name’s not Nell, Gill Fell.
We are glad your name’s not Nell.
There’s nothing wrong with either name,
But Nell wouldn’t ring a bell.
Nell’s not a name to suit your face, as anyone can tell.
It’s a face identified, as belonging to Gill Fell.


George is the fab guy that starred in my live facebook thing from Prestatyn, the day I went to pick up my fab writing bureau and had a little outdoor lunch with my old pal Linda Kerr.

George passes by with his guitar and Linda say oh play us a few songs !! He does, we dance in the street !

Here’s to more random days of fun and frivolity.

Happy Friday to you all.


PS Ive just bought a vintage brass Kingfisher (my fav bird) with a bendy beak !!! fiver well spent I think !!

Kingfisher bendy beak


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