Blog 95…. Why I bought a boat…

It’s pressing on now this 100 day blog challenge – I really don’t know where the time has gone or what on earth I have found to blog about !!!

Today I’m going to share why I got a boat and show you last nights pics.

I was told the best 2 days of Boat ownership are

1st The day you buy a boat and 2nd The day you sell your boat.

Ha ha- well whoever told me that has it all totally wrong. I absolutely love owning a boat. But I am lucky because my friend John Gibbons does so much on my boat that I feel he should have part ownership. ( I do take him up the cut regularly. Boats do go wrong. You need to know a bit or be willing to learn. I am the latter, constantly learning about stuff. I even know what an inverter does now !!!!! (kind of)

So why on earth did I get a boat in the first place. It was 2 years ago 1st August my river cruiser boat “Felly Fore” was delivered to the marina in Scarisbrick. I needed this boat. I wanted to escape from my life. Where I lived and I needed a sanctuary. A gentle place to go and just be quiet.

Felly Fore was a lovely 24 ft, Atlanta boat, it was a little tinker to drive straight, but we all got the hang of it. But I made it like a little dolls house, I used to go put the kettle on the gas stove and make some tea and just sit and watch the birds, the ripples of the water, the changing nature with the season and best of all the oh so fabulous sunsets.

Felly Fore shots….

I had been trying to cure myself for a year (the liver diagnosis) and I was desperate for a place of complete tranquility, possibly somewhere to hide from the world. I knew I needed to get away from stress and growing up on the canal bank in Lydiate, there was a natural pull towards it.

I loved it. But I’m not one to stand still, after a while I sold that boat and invested in Amy Belle, my beautiful tatty 40 foot cruiser stern (that’s so you can sit on the back) … she has a lovely engine and now has been painted on the inside and decorated in a hygge style.. Lots of fur cushions and throws etc. It’s really quite homely. I can cook proper meals because it has a fab oven and hob. So playing dolls house is really easy.

Amy Belle – a few shots of the inside

Learning a new skill, really takes your mind off other things. In my new work book “Back to Happy” I put in a section about distraction – it really works. For me learning about boating helped me re-focus on something else.

You can’t speed on the canal, so your pace of life slows right down and you cannot help but feel de-stressed.

Where we are on the canal we have a few swing bridges but you can go for a good few hours before you have a lock to contend with, plus there are loads of pubs and some good places to eat too.

Jas makes herself at home


I love to blow bubbles, I know very childish, but try it. It’s so great and the benefits of taking that breath and making the lovely bubbles is a therapy in it’s self.

But to take a photo of bubbles with a boat called Happydaze is surely a message sent ?

Why worry?
What’s the worse that can happen !!!

Oh hang on – with the diagnosis I had err the worst is Gill………. that you pop your clogs. But ok when you do, there is nothing to worry about. I used my boat to meditate – to get over the fear of dying, to get an ease of life that I could love whilst I am alive.

Blow bubbles and think good thoughts – the more you practice the good thoughts the more they will flow.

Yesterday – I had a melt down, bad anxiety moment or 20 – out of no-where I felt shakey and the sheer inability to cope came rushing over me.

I had to bale out on my day

I had to give myself a chance to get an ease back

I went out on my boat

How long do you think it took to get my head together on that boat?

20 minutes – but I did have logical Simon saying logical kind things to me (crikes that man puts up with a lot)

My melt down gone – I was able to enjoy a really fabulous evening of summer beauty. We moored up in a place where there were no pubs or houses so Jas could hop on and off the boat, there were no people chattering as they passed by, there was just a nice bottle of Wine, some lovely dinner and a sunset.

This is why I got a boat. This boat is my retreat, my place to be, my friend.

It wraps its little narrow boaty arms around me and allows me to just allow and be.



Boating does come at a cost, but fortunately Simon is my corporate sponsor (as the meet ups don’t quite top up the bank account enough)

But my first retreat was a £10 pop up tent from Argos – I filled it with lovely comfy things. A yoga mat and then blankets and cushions. It was outside hidden away from the neighbours and I could sit in it and meditate or sleep or read.

Stress is a nasty thing. Please try not to go deeply into stress. Find a lovely way to combat yours.

Eat nice healthy food, don’t drink too much alcohol and do take time to sit in your very own little retreat.

Life is short – Buy a boat.

Love to you all


If you like the idea of hygge take a look at my pins

Here’s ideas for creating a lovely home retreat… be peaceful

love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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