Blog 97 – Discipline to Suceed

Discipline is a word I now love, it used to mean strick and unpleasant but now it means getting stuff done, making a new focus, finishing something, being productive regularly. I won’t bother looking up it’s actual meaning, I like my own interpretation of it.

Discipline 3

What do you want to achieve? Can you throw some of the “D” word at it?

Now for me a big thing is to not be distracted so that my self discipline will help me get things done.

Like just now my phone has pinged a whatsapp message (Oh I forgot to mention Whatsapp when I was looking at my Busy but not prductive list – different blog) however, I am ignoring it until this job is done. (being the blog writing).

That is really good for me. As I am really quick to be distracted, especially if I don’t much like the job in hand. Or even if I do, sometimes I feel it’s polite to reply quickly. Like it’s rude not to.

discipline 4

Let’s look at that. There’s a person probably lounging in bed, or on a holiday, or enjoying some free time. They think – oh I’ll message Gill. – Now don’t get me wrong that is so lovely of them.


You and I must reply when it is convenient to us – not the other way around.

Discipline 5

I must admit, not replying is kind of playing on my mind. I still have a sense of Thank you so much for liking me enough to send me a message, thank you for even considering a message my way, which is pure and simply my Low self esteem – it makes you a bit “needy” –

Oh… I just failed and replied to the message… So now I am engaged in a conversation. This is distracting me from writing the Blog. So I am learning all the time that I must say no to myself and get some self control in the area’s of modern technology.

Conversations at random = lack of productivity.

So I will make an apology, I won’t be answering straight away unless I am having a little break.

Try it yourself today. See how much time is spent engaged in conversations over – messenger, whatsapp, text, emails etc etc etc – without even speaking the Queens English ????

Take Control

Discipline 2

Moving on.

Yesterday I had a fabulous conversation with my son James. He put me on to a podcast by Tim Ferris – which was about Morning Routines. He was interviewing a variety of people about What their’s looked like. (he’s American).

Now I listened to a few and they all seem to be getting up early and having rituals of sorts. A daily same morning thing that becomes a habit. It appears that none of them had a puppy called Jas.

I used to get up really early and do a meditation, then make tea and then walk dogs and go to the gym. So what’s happened to me !!! I’m all over the place.

The number one thing that has changed me is my injury to my back. It has become a lot worse than it was and that brings pain and broken sleep. So instead of waking up feeling all yay lets do this. I now feel – come on Gill – I say to myself Gill choose positive, I do a forced smile and then I get up – the first one I have to think of doing then the rest just seem to follow – my morning ritual now is to get my back working with my little exercises.

You can’t see people’s bad back – But if you do know someone with the problem please get them to go and see a really good Back Doctor that recommends various exercises to strengthen the muscles around the back. I’ve been to Southport’s Spinal Team and had the fabulous experience of exercises in the hydro-pool which has helped and now I do a list of exercises – just gentle ones to get me strong. The exercise also helps release endorphins, the happy chemicals which gives us a boost.


I was used to jogging daily and going to classes and doing all kinds of physical activity and then you can’t do it. Then you wonder why you don’t feel as good as you used to.

So it’s get up and at something for me. This week I finish the blog challenge, so next week I am going to get up and straight out with Jas. I can still walk. So Walk I will, I can cycle at a slow pace, so cycle I will.

I will release on myself a new morning routine of Me first – As in my health. Exercise in the morning then it’s done.

Whoosh I can feel those happy chemicals already. Endorphins 3

They have powers.

Have a think about your morning routine. I’m going to list the things I would like to do.


I know if I don’t do my exercise in the morning – the chances are I won’t do any. I cannot motivate myself to go at tea time. (This is when Simon wants to go)

I am going to have to do my own thing – It seems selfish – but I think it’s the only way.

So that I think will do for Blogging today it’s now 7.50am and I feel rather pleased with myself that I have achieved – through self discipline and no distractions yet another blog.

Round of applause for me !!!!!

Round of applause

Go on have a round for yourself……

Lessons are being learn’t – I am progressing – it feels good to be doing something I really love.

Thank you for reading – I hope there is something in here that you can use.

Get doing your list – get your morning routine sorted – and smash out your day.

Big smiles, big love and happiness sent from me to you

Endorphins 2



A few good tips

Now this is worth a look !!!


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