Blog 99….. Share the good stuff and change someone’s life.

Ahhhh the penultimate blog of my 100 days challenge and I am so excited about finishing tomorrow. Although when the heck I am going to write a blog tomorrow I have no idea – I am super busy at cycling club then in the afternoon I am going to become a Reiki Master !!! yes you read it right. 12 years ago I did my Reiki 1 then 4 years ago I did Reiki 2 and tomorrow I am becoming a master. This means finally I will be a Master at something.. I also get to do this alongside a really good friend of mine – who at one time mended my cukoo clock. (there is a significance to this that I will reveal tomorrow)

I was starting to think I was a Jack of all trades and a master of none. But a haaaa tomorrow that ceases to be. I feel it is a great sign. The day I complete probably the best challenge I have ever done, I also get to be a Reiki Master. It actually does seem as though I really can just allow things to unfold as they should.

I have been teaching this for years, but it comes in and out in waves. People who are on the same quest as me will understand this. You wonder where your allowing went. It was there yesterday and today – where has it gone !!!

All you have to do is notice you are not in the good feeling place, and do your thing to get it back.

Finally I am getting a lovely chunk of clarity in my life.

Acceptance that some days I need to get the menopause black hole painting out and other days the Blue sky beach scene, then there will be the other days with lovely forests and flowers and dogs and family and laughter and road trips and fabulous people I have met through Meet ups and facebook etc.

I am exactly where I should be right now. The best and right messages are getting through to me, I am the student and about to become a master.

For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it to me is a lovely way of balancing yourself with an eastern method of healing. Some people can heal others with it, I have had great experiences being healed with Reiki. I won’t be doing Reiki as a practicioner, I just feel drawn to doing this and I am soooo excited about it. Phil Steele is the Reiki Master who is attuning me – I’ll put a link to his web site at the end of the blog.

Tomorrow Friday – 4th August – The 100th day of Blogging I will celebrate the whole day.

Today I have had a day of Mindful Integrity and it has been a wonderful experience, I had a good chat with my mum about it and I enjoyed the discussion very much. Blogging gives you a new dimension to conversations. Bringing in all the new things you have learnt and then putting them into practice is awesome. If we all pass on something good today, the world I know could be a much better place.

Let’s share the good stuff we know – the blogs we have read, the podcasts we liked. My good friend Donna is great at sending me a good podcast – get into them they are so easy to listen to – Sharing the good stuff makes you even more awesome than you were before.

Yesterday I shared Tim Ferris and Sam Cowley both brilliant – but today I am back to Tim Ferris.

James my gorgeous son phoned me this morning and said listen to Tim Ferris podcast on Quitting !!!! He said really listen to it. “ok” I said

So this afternoon, I took Jas on a super long walk and put my head phones in and basically, it was so great, I am going to change my life because that podcast has made me sit up and think.

No, it’s not an overthink situation, this is for real. I resonated with so much of the chats, so much of the information – I saw myself in so many of the situations mentioned. I think I’ll save my decisions till tomorrow. Reveal all then.

I actually went and sat in the United Reformed gardens to finish the podcast in a lovely place. Because it was an epic moment for me.

It was a clarity moment

It was several light bulb moments

It was a clarity moment (did I already say that?) yup ok I could scroll back and delete !!! but I won’t I will leave it for impact of Clarity…


Tomorrow I will tell you what my decision is

Tomorrow I will tell you what is after blog 100

Tomorrow is the start of the 3rd chapter of my life

And the queen will smash a bottle of champers over my head !!! I wish to well and truly launched.

After the clarity moment – a warm fuzzy feeling has enveloped me. … Yup I am liking this and the feeling of freedom it is bringing me.

Today, I’m loving the allowing – I can look around me and feel the love I have for myself, my friends and family, my gorgeous meet up and facebook friends, my instagramm pals, and my tweety twitters.

I am looking at life through a heart shaped window – I know there will be a black hole again, but when you know you have a friend called Clare you know that you will emerge from said hole as you – stronger and still being loved.

So more news tomorrow on the adopted water melon. I am totally unsure as to wether it should be chopped up – seems so cruel, or whether it should be used for something else… hang on I’ll pinterest it..

Decision made I will have a watermelon fat flush day tomorrow !!! Until after Reiki master when I shall be celebrating with a watermelon cocktail !!!

So it’s the last day of the Old Gill – looking forward to my new me yayyyy

Love and hugs

Positive not perfect (and don’t want to be perfect anyway, I love being a F G)

Plans for Walter here

Phil Steele is here….

Tim Ferris


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