BLOG 100 …… SHOUT OUT’S AND THE FUTURE … “Who broke my cockoo clock”

I am so chuffed at completing the 100 day blog challenge that Donna Thompson kind of talked me into. It’s my second attempt. But this time I have done it. It just goes to show that even if you fail once or twice or a few times you can achieve stuff. Just have a go.

This blog has brought me tears of pain and tears of joy, it’s been a journey of learning – getting it very wrong and hopefully very right on occasions. I have had criticism and praise. A heady mixture of emotions.

I have shared my pain and reached out to my readers, I have received big love. It has been an epic journey. I would do it again. I loved it.

So what do I do now?

Firstly I will have a #digitaldetox on Saturday (tomorrow) mainly because I am getting a bit addicted to going on social media and I am going to start sanding down “Amy Belle” my lovely 40 foot narrowboat – It’s going from Green and Red to a few shades of blue and a lovely mellow cream colour. So Saturday I won’t be looking at facebook or checking my wordpress stats to see if I have any readers. My stats can wait !!!

The thing I love to see is where in the world people are reading from. Mexico, Greece, Austrailia, New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia etc. Who would have thought that my little blog could reach out so far. Fabulous stuff indeed.

Have you followed the blog on the wordpress page? It would be fab if you could do that. It means that you will be sent an email when the next blog is out.

So my favourite blog was the one about Betty’s hands – right back at the beginning I wrote a poem about her hands and I think since she passed away during this challenge I will dedicate the challenge to her memory as she was the one who has inspired me the most to write. Betty loved writing and the use of words will now be a bigger part of my life.

No funeral yet.. but it will come #belikebetty will live on.

So now then what is a Gill Fell to do when her writing blog is done?

I did not have a clue until yesterday’s pod cast – That Tim Ferris “When to quit ” podcast really gave me the impetus to do other things.

So what do I love?
What excites me daily?

I came up with having a laugh. Having a purpose, helping others.

So How do I have a laugh and have a purpose in life? Well did you ever see my youtube video making the juice?

I had such a laugh doing that = I have decided to post video’s onto my very own You Tube channel. Just look for Gill Fell – I’ll put a link on the bottom.

So I will be doing vlog’s and tranquil meditations, funny stuff, interviews with people, motivation clips, Captains Kitchen and my favourite “Who broke my Cuckoo Clock” – snippets about mindset and mental health stuff..

but all in a light hearted way.

As Jas is always with me, she will be featuring on the video’s – most of the time in an unwanted fashion. But you will get to spend time with her and myself.
She’s back in training now and doing better (thanks Clare – inspirational person and dog trainer extraordinaire)

It seems I have a lisp when on video !!! I’m not putting that on – so odd. The last time I had a lisp was on PT course in the navy.. try saying this

“For through vaults at five pace intervals….GO” with sticky out teeth (mine had been broken and I had very thick temporary front teeth… ahhh ya gotta laugh or else I’D CRY SOOOO MUCH …. self pitty is not PRETTY

I’m hoping other people will do some sketches and join in with some fun on film. Shout out to Carl Foster ??? you ready man? I want to go to people’s boats and see what they cook for tea. I’ll vlog about other peoples good stuff etc.

My meet ups are a ????? they don’t float my boat to be honest. But I love the people I have met through it. So I’ll see how that goes for the time being. Maybe I will just do an easy once a month retreat afternoon at chez moi?

I am now a Reiki master thanks to Mr Phil Steele. Wow what a fabulous energy experience that was – so promise to myself – get balanced Gill “OK”

I was with my friend Keith who originally fixed my actual “Cuckoo Clock” years ago. It was great to be with him, maybe he will participate in a little Vlog one day. But let me know if you are up for a little fun in the cabin or on the boat or wherever you want to have some fun.

Life has to be fun. Now I am Reiki mastered I will include this in my self healing – I am still a work in progress.

We cannot go down with every sinking ship. We must rise up and get ourselves back to happy as soon as we can.

So thank you for being with me for the 100 day challenge. Now I will blog once a week to keep up with my writing and I am putting together my book also. Meeting up with the amazing Stephi LaReine on Monday for a start the week productive day.. Can’t wait for that. Maybe she will let me Vlog with her ???? who knows, sure as anything if it flows then it goes. Don’t force things. Let things just BE.

Quit things if you need to (thank you Tim Ferris via Son James) – Oh take a look at his fab project with his life pal Kristian.”The Boat that Rocked” – Link at the bottom. I’m very proud of both my children – both very different but they are amazing people and I am grateful for them.

So all good.

I really appreciate you being on this fabulous journey with me and hope you will continue and actually join me on some of the vlogs or interviews…

Come on be Captured in the cabin ??? – I don’t mind who your are or not – if you have a story and it’s fun then please get in touch.

So I’ll be back next weekend. With snippets from the week. I’ll share the good and the not so good and let’s find solutions to all our problems together.

So it’s 100 days signing off time

All my fondest love – I actually feel quite emotional….. TAP IT !!!!!! lol

POSITIVE NOT PERFECT….. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps see below how Walter the Watermelon is !!!!

Shout outs to BETTY ..DONNA .. CLARE ..JAMES ..LYNN …STEPHI ..AMANDA…ANN PATRICIA…RITA….BETH….KARINE…JANE … ANGIE… KATIE….ALISON you guys gave me extra hope and encouragement…. I appreciate you all…. Livvy for the big laugh on one of the blogs with the confused melt down about what diet to be on !!! that was a great moment.

Laughter is medicine – Let’s stay together and have fun.

Please know that all the stuff I do is for fun, I can laugh at myself, I am a bit lost in the world as a 56 year old. I am finding something exciting to do each day, something that is fun, something where I can share a message but in a fun way.

Here are some links for you

Whatever happened to Walter (3 parts)

If you like visuals – you can follow my Pinterest boards

Instagram – mainly pic’s of Jas

Tweets about all kinds
Twitter is Fellysnippets

Phil Steele

I’m in this months – the Fashion awards

My fav fashion and beauty blogger

The lovely Beth McColl who is an amazing writer on mental health

Here’s the Boat that Rocked Instagram link (proud mum moment)!!!!

Our meet up page


Liverpool, GB
1,263 Inspired Minds

At these events we aim to share knowledge about developing our minds to be stronger and help each other to stay on a good pathMINDSET & MINDFULLNESS & LIFE COACHING & NUTRITI…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Speak next week…….



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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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