Blog 101 – I’m missing blogging – Haters, facebook purging and a glitter bubble….

Sorry to the haters out there, but I’m really missing blogging and I’ve a new sense of “I don’t really care if you don’t read it or get nothing from it” because I have a new found me, it’s a sense of personal confidence. The type that only an individual can feel. It’s a confidence that you can feel, when you are doing something that only you will know about or see.

…… Therefore no one gets to criticise it because it is private……


Haters gonna hate - girl image

On Friday I completed my challenge and also became a Reiki Master on the same day. So for me it was a day of total success. I could have become a Reiki master years ago but circumstance and timing brought me to become a Master on that particular day.

My energy was flowing and the right people and time merged to allow me to easily slot into a new found energy as a Reiki Master. It was an awesome afternoon with Phil Steele (Reiki Master) and my lovely friend Keith who did his Reiki 1 attunement. The energy flow was amazing and I really loved the whole feeling of freedom and emotional energy. People get different things from Reiki healing but this is just what I felt.

So that was Friday…………………..

SATURDAY !!!!!!! I was meant to relax and have a day off social media and do a digital detox… Oh noooooo my mind was in a very different frame.

It was a Clearing out frame. I do not think I have experienced such a strong feeling of making it quite clear that I no longer want people around me that do not like me, get me, understand or actually bother with my message.

I have a sense of purpose – I am seeing fully who I am – I like it – but … and there’s always a but…….

BUT.. I realised that people I think to be close friends to me had not even bothered to open and look at the blogs and people who frequently message me when they are down, or needing some positive vibes – they didn’t even open a page ! hmmmmmmmm normally I would say nothing and smile sweetly but noooooo,

Not the day after I became a Reiki master – it was though someone switched the light off, on accepting everyone, to switching a new clearer light on, one that allowed me to verbalise my feelings.

I felt for the first time I was actually a Master of my own thoughts. I had developed a bubble around me, in an unfortunate cast iron. I was on a mission not to hear, see or be with evil thoughts etc…..

Haters gonna hate, popeye

I had an absolute clarity that I had haters on my facebook page – it was a gut feeling mixed with the actual checking of who had liked the blog – people who never like anything but you know (because facebook is so transparent)We all know when one of our friends or a friend of a friend, comments or likes something so it’s easy peasy to see who likes or loves or shares your own stuff – normally I wouldn’t bother but I was being driven to it

– so I politely asked them to leave my facebook as in de-friend me.

A cast iron request – I thought a perfectly civil request.!!!

I said please de-friend me if you didn’t like or read one of my blogs ??? There were 100 days of it. So I know that they will definitely have seen one at least.

What do you think happened?????????

Messages, likes,on fb posts, follows on blog page, and one, yes just one person de-friended me.

She wrote me a note on messenger to say sorry to lose me, but she had not read one blog !!! That I found hilarious.

I didn’t message back. Did she want me to message back saying sorry it’s ok ??? Some people fought a bit harder to keep me so I softened my request. My cull did not happen and the action I felt towards it had also softened. It was no longer necessary.

Now my message here is not about haters really or that the readership of the blog was disappointing. No it was just a personal de-clutter exercise.

It didn’t go as planned.

I expected people to leave in their droves.

But I did put a solid message out to say. I am not here for your amusement, I am here for a mutual giving and taking.

I love and like your stuff, as long as I love or like it and if I really hate it, then I re-move you from my fb, twitter or Instagram.

It wasn’t intended to be a gentle exercise in mildly thinning down people. I wanted a Cull. I still want a cull. My sense of being with uber positive and caring/sharing people is stronger than ever.

I am stronger now. I see who share’s peoples stuff and who is just out for themselves.

There is not one ounce of me that thinks that people want to be me, or are envious of me… Nope I know that people just can’t be bothered sometimes.

Reflection in a cast iron bubble… what a lovely experience.

(It is so obvious people, drop the ego, drop the envy – throw out your nasty judgemental attitudes and fix yourself with compassion and become a better, nicer you.) In your own bubble you can re-address stuff without having to ask others opinions etc.

But (here we are again)… Guard yourself, do not allow yourself to be the stepping stone, the trampet, the human lift, that people use to elevate themselves higher by stomping on your energy and put you in the ground. You are the most important person in your life.

You are the precious person that lives in your body. That amazing thing you are always calling chubby or thin or saggy. (Lay off it – our bods are amazing things) and we probably just need to love them more. Better nutrition, exercise and a bit of moisturiser should do it…

Who are these people !!!?????? Lay off we don’t even know you.

who are you image

Who am I ??? find yourself (find your inner lovliness) – Get right in your own bubble and create the real you. Who is it you really want to be. You can drop the old you (if you really don’t like you) Be who you want. Just practice new nicer ways and soon that will be who you actually are.

who am I image 2

I am the work in progress – working on being positive and finding a way – but don’t think that just because I have put up with you for years I am going to continue !!!! yikes (where has this come from lol)

Face image

If I bare my soul to you and you say nothing – If I share my pain and you don’t react? Who are you? I want to be surrounded in real life and cyber life with awesome people. If you are not one just now. Then how about tweaking yourself to become more awesome ?

smart quotes 1

Yes my priority now is myself. I think your’s should be YOU. I know you are smarter than me (at some things) and I am smarter than you (in some things) But does any of that matter? I am not judging you. So don’t judge me. But if you do – I will put my glitter bubble around me and hope that some rubs off on you.

If you are struggling with a gut feeling that you have a bunch of negatively driven personalities around you then please do something about it. It drags you down.

Glitter bubble

who am I judgemental

Sometimes my steps are shakey, my steps and short – but in this world be have an opportunity so easily to help each others stride increase. Why not help others by the most simple thing. A like

A small like for some people is the only interaction they have had all day.

A smiley face or a heart like is the thing that makes that person go to bed feeling loved or that someone out there really cares.

Facebook gives us a huge friendship group that is cyber – it’s not real at first, but I tell you what I have really grown to love people I’ve never met because of their posts and shares.

and others… really dislike … ouch I don’t like to do that. But some people are not who I thought they were. Also people change, sometimes from better to worse.

Smart quotes

Let’s see the smart people shine, let’s help the smart people succeed. Seeing the “Smart” in people is a reflection of you – do you see your own “smart” do you think other peoples “smart” will detract from yours… Are you envious when people do well? Or do you feel excited for them?

Once you feel excited for other peoples good fortune then you are whole.

Easily click like if you like it.

social media

Let’s think about people and what they are sharing. It’s not our job to make others feel good about themselves !! oh no but if you do actually like something then let them feel that like – give them the warm fuzzy feeling –

Social Media is for sharing..

Think on if you are a non sharer – you see everyone’s stuff but share nothing of your own.

girls whisper


I use Positive Not Perfect, sometimes you can’t like the dress that someone is wearing but find another nice thing about them. Like the thing you like.

But don’t be a hater – If you constantly feel screwed up about peoples posts its time to go to Reiki and rebalance yourself.

It’s time to teach yourself to be a kinder thinker.

It’s never too late…. Social media can kill your energy because of YOUR OWN THOUGHTS !!!

Kill the negative thoughts… Get your friends to be kinder… Don’t indulge them in the tittle tattle. Once you start to talk positive talk, the ones who hate that will soon stop wanting to be with you… Let them go. And don’t look back.

Create a new Good, kind hearted team of friends. Open a new window. One that you can blow your bubble away most of the time.

What a wonderful place that would be.

By the way, my blogs are reflections of true feelings, also the feelings of others (it’s not always my problem).

Thank you for reading – let me know if you have an issue that needs blogging about.

Whatever is affecting you will be hurting others too. Let me know and together we can change attitudes and mindsets.

Love to you all


Positive Not perfect.

Sage you later hater

Interesting – about purging facebook friends.

If you need Reiki re-balance


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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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