Being bendy on a boat, don’t let the chocolate buffet win and memories of Portofino…

I have just been on a fabulous Mediterranean adventure with my mum and my sister. It was on the Azamara Quest a small cruise ship with about 800 passengers onboard. We were in a balcony state room the 3 with a butler and his assistant !!! There were bottles of all kinds of booze that we don’t drink in the room. But never the less we set off From Barcelona on Sunday 13th August and this is how it went.

This is our room and the view is “Sailing out of Barcelona”

We were not to know that only days later the terrible occurrence of a Terrorist attract would take place – people running with fear where only days earlier we had stepped with joy and happiness.

I would highly recommend the Open Top bus tour in Barcelona, I did the big trek of the sights years earlier with son James, which was great but seeing things from a better vantage point gives you a new perspective on things. Also when you are very tired from being up at 4 am you can have a sneaky nod off. Crikey I would have missed the whole tour had it not been for the stopping and starting of the bus !!! lol

Being in Barcelona to start a cruise was a brand new experience for me, and one that I would definitely say, if you ever want the opportunity to do this, then make it happen. (LOA) –

I brought the trip to myself by saying out loud many times I really want to go to Portofino, so when my mum saw this particular cruise, she knew that it would be a winner in my eyes.

The ship took a route from Barcelona – St Tropez – To Nice – To PORTOFINOOOOOOO – To Florence/Pisa the finally to Rome.

I now would like to share the photo’s with a brief chat …….

Here’s us, leaving Barcelona, Sitting in our room enjoying the first bubbles of the cruise !!!

The Sunset, brought a peace to my heart. The water below carrying us to fabulous places, I breathe in my good fortune, I breathe in my love of the sea, I know all is well…. (well for now- 3 relations in one room !! don’t expect miracles !!! lol ….

Fabulous dinners in the evenings, the bottles of Spirits were exchanged for a bottle of Fizz, Each day a bottle was placed into ice so that when we were getting ready for dinner we could pop the cork and push each other around the room to get at our make up ….. heee heee

I went to the gym in the mornings – the first day it was packed and I thought oh heck, no x trainer available. But then one came free, I leap like a gazelle onto it and started my 20 minutes…. when I saw out of the window….


Surfacing and blowing their stuff etc. I look to my left to share the marvellous sight.. It was some bloke, head down and sweating away (eeeuuuuu), it wasn’t Simon… But I quickly thought just enjoy it yourself you don’t need to engage everyone in your things.

I exercised and watched the whales until they were out of sight. No one else saw them. I didn’t see anymore Whales that week – but I have a memory of their greatness and for that I am grateful. Plus it kept me training a bit longer.

I did a stretch class at 8am every morning – it was also packed the first morning… then half turned up then by the last day it was just me and this other lady from New York, who was young and bendy !!! I creaked my way through the class and then Vladimir the instructor from Serbia. Gave me high praise indeed. And said “You are doing very good, for age”……..

I had a little inner giggle, if only he had left off the last 2 words.. But I am embracing my mid 50’s heading off to 60 with a new vim and vigour.

I have a determination in an easy way to be me, and this will emerge quickly. I am as bendy as I need to be right now. My bendy mind is quite bendy enough for anyone.

That’s just it though isn’t it? We can be bendy in body but can we be flexible in our thoughts?

It’s a real skill to be able to curb our thoughts when they start to go rogue. To stop overthinking, to respond rather than react. When you hit a place where stress is the main agenda you have to for your own good learn to get your head in a better place.

This is a photo of us with Russ the Cruise director obviously dressed in a funky Abbaesque outfit.

So all you need to do to get your mindset changed is to focus on something else for a while (lol)


Or this…. the simplicity of a beautiful photo you took on your holidays.


Or make your own peaceful place – Deck 10 (the one above the pool) that’s a nice quiet deck.


You may say – it’s easy when you are on a fabulous holiday, the clever part is bringing that back home with you.

You always have your imagination. I imagined Portofino for years. I’m lucky I can visualise myself anywhere (good or bad – so the bad had to stop)

Us and boats and houses and lovliness of Portofino

Nutrition – well … a hermmmmmm when on a cruise ship you tend to over eat. And it’s not something I would like to do too often. However the seafood was so devine it was worthy of a photo memory and the Chocolate buffet !!! Oh heck.

So thank goodness I visited the gym in the mornings and walked the stairs instead of taking the lift and walked and walked at the various places !!! We cannot let the chocolate buffet win !!! As they say a minute on the lips an lifetime on the hips !! – well we all know that’s rubbish because we can burn off our calories by getting active.

I’m going to leave it here for now.

So have a wonderful day. If you have no holiday planned, then make today a holiday in your mind. Give your thoughts a day off. Get some clarity – clear out some clutter and love yourself,

Yes, give yourself a holiday. Love Yourself more. Be kinder to yourself.

Happy day, happy you, happy me – were all connected you know.

And I am happy for that.

Love and hugs

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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