Feel the fear and do it anyway. ..

Feel the fear. Courage - Fear

This week!! I smashed a fear right in the chops !!! I decided to ring Simon to ask for his worldly logical thoughts before I did it.

He didn’t answer. Oh heck, what to do when the oracle is engaged !!! Well for once I made a decision all by myself. This took a bit of logical thinking and planning but I decided to go ahead.

What did you do Gill… I hear you all cry with a frenzied anticipation !!! Well ok, a slight interest?

Well I had 2 dogs (Jas and Bob), A nice day, A narrow boat and Me.

I also had Fear. I really want to learn to be a solo sailor and today I had a perfect opportunity to do a solo sail up the cut – the wind was mild and the sun was shining.

I made a coffee, some would say I procrastinated but Ester Hicks would say I was just waiting to align with the action … I love that woman.

Coffee made.

Tether dogs…. Jas has a habit of leaping off the boat as you are pulling off the pontoon, not great, you are on the boat and the dog is on the jetty !!! Also dangerous. Boating is dangerous. Caution needs to be taken. But not so much that you never leave the jetty.

So the safety of the dogs was addressed. The engine flashed up. The electricity cable released. Fore rope loosened, Stern rope released. Fore rope released – boat is afloat – without me on it… a quick leap and all is well.

Heart is beating faster. I reverse the boat slowly off the pontoon. The wind just catches it slightly but the neighbour boat was not touched. Gently I glide the vessel called Amy Belle away and thanks to the teaching of the Master Captain, John Gibbons. I effortlessly took the boat out of the Marina, impressing two ladies on the bridge who shouted

“Are you on your own????”

I replied

“I am never on my own, I have me for company”

They gave me the – we are impressed look…. and off I cruised up the cut.

Woo hooooo, go me

Feel the fear

I felt the fear, I planned the job in hand, I took action to ensure success and boom…. The magic was flowing. Just as the water below was flowing. Effortlessly and easily.

This was awesome. This was solo sailing with 2 dogs. Just to really make my day a Heron joined me for part of the journey. Taking off from the bank and majestically flapping it’s wings in front of the boat, returning to the bank and repeating it’s show, 3 times or more.

Not my photo – because I can’t mind 2 dogs, be at the helm, make the coffee and take a photo !!!

Heron in flight

If I was a Heron !!! I would do a Heron Strut. Like the canal was my catwalk.

heron - strut

My favourite part of the canal is where they did the first cut of earth to start it all off (well at this end anyway) it’s a tree lined section where you can sometimes see my favourite bird the Kingfisher. But alas no Kingfishers to be seen.

People were waving to me, more than normal, even fishermen spoke to me, the world seemed nicer, kinder. I passed 3 pubs with people living the dream outside – it was about 3pm !!! Beers were flowing, well it was a Sunny Thursday afternoon (very close to the weekend).

I moored up in Haskayne, so the dogs could jump off and have a run around and have a wee. Three narrowboats returning from Liverpool passed by me, all speaking words of how lovely the day was.

I returned to the boat and set off to the winding hole. I turn the boat around effortlessly and give my self a little praise and headed off back to Scarisbrick Marina, looking out for coots, ducks and the horses in the fields. Farmers are in the fields working, people are still in the pubs, I am cruising the cut like a professional.

How did I learn this?

How did I get over the fears of doing something new?

I focus on my breathing and I know that I just had to try, and expect good things to turn up for me.

They did and John Gibbons was a great teacher.

The serenity of the Canal brings a new hope to me, I am free

Simon was playing golf – I was boating – did it matter that I was not at home ? Nope – I was out living.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And I am so pleased that I did.

I brought the boat back onto it’s mooring and only touched the jetty in a minor way – ok not perfect but it wasn’t bad at all. Tied up, locked down and off I went home.

I felt amazing, like I had passed a tough exam. I had achieved something that has made my heart beat faster and given me confidence to try other things.

Photo of Jas and Bob (not taken on the Feel the Fear day because as you can see my mums foot is staring in the picture with her croc shoe on )

This week Louise Hays passed away. I did like her teaching and felt she had a huge impact on the world in general. She was a beautiful person.

She would want us all to step out of our comfort zones. To feel the fear, let the Adrenalin flow and do things we never dreamed possible.

love to you all. Please have a go at something outside your comfort zone and feel your way to where the magic happens.

Read the book

Here’s to Louise Hay

With big love to you all and gratitude.

Knowing that all is well.

Gill xxxx

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