Speech….. No one cried :) unlucky !!!

Yesterday I had a bbq to celebrate my son James’ 28th birthday and my Silver Wedding Anniversary to Simon. We got really lucky with the weather, it was perfect. I worked hard getting the house ready for 4 chicks in the nest and 25 family members coming to celebrate with us.

I had lamb and a huge pork joint slow cooking in the oven, copious amounts of alcohol purchased, cake baked … hang on… CAKE BAKED ???? Gill never bakes a cake ??? What is going on?

I stood in the corner of my lovely kitchen room, with the bifold doors open looking out onto the garden that I had cultivated and realised how flipping much I was achieving. I looked down the garden at all the plants I had physically put in myself, the decking oiled, the food prepped, everything was done, I needed relatively little help…..

It dawned on me, I was Well, I was capable again, I had energy and even though I feel somedays I don’t seem to achieve much, collectively I am doing loads. I wondered if others feel the same?

If you are then take a step back and look at what you actually have achieved. It will be so much more than you think.

I did need help with this though…..

The Perfect Mojito by Liz Dixon (my bestie all the way back from Junior school) and this was super good use of Kilner Jar.


Here’s the Williamson, Fell, Baldwin Family (The other Fells are always late, and some were a no show !!!!! )


This day meant so much to me, because it isn’t often the whole family are together now. Oh yes we all have our tiff’s and problems with each other occasionally but it’s never anything we can’t get over.

These people are my family.

My dream for my 25th Anniversary was to put on my wedding dress and be in Venice on a Gondola at 2pm – this didn’t happen so I thought – Good opportunity for a speech (that no one asked or called for) but UNLUCKY …… I did one anyway… Wearing my wedding dress and Simon wore his wedding Tie. Photo’s will follow on another blog. Obviously I was talking so I can’t do selfies at the same time !!!!

This is the speech……

Thank you everyone for popping over this afternoon, for coming along from far and wide and being here for our 25th Wedding Anniversary/birthday bbq.

25 years is more than an life sentence and I don’t mind speaking for Simon here

“its been an honour and a privilege, being married to me”

and you are welcome Simon… I continue !!!!

Now then what have I got to say about it !!! Well too much probably !! But here we are in our lovely 2nd home together – It would have been on my 20th by now as I changed something every 12-18 months, either job, car, house or husband !!! -a herm- (pause for laughter !!! hee hee)

So it really is an honour for Simon to be my personal best at keeping a husband and I am his PB, apparently,at keeping a wife.

It was a real love story, – at that time we were both desperate and tinder wasn’t invented !!! We went on a blind date, (Simon didn’t have his glasses on !!! ) no he didn’t but he had his extra strong contact lens’s in so I didn’t know he was as blind as a bat … which now has it’s benefits.

We went on our first date, my father introduced us at the door of my Gardner Road home in Formby, Simon knew that I had a young son, but luckily he stayed in the cupboard until I had Simon safely out of the door, pushing him up the path, as he was calmly saying “where would you like to go?”

“Anywhere I said, just drive”

I started bossy – Oh how I have mellowed over the years…..

We went to the Carlton in Southport where Simon insisted on buying all the drinks and we chatted about my aspirations etc. It was nice, he wore lovely matching clothes and smelt nice too.

We realised that we had much in common, Sport so our next date was a game of Squash where I whooped his tiny Ass…….. he was wearing particularly tiny shorts too – !!!!

A few dates later we did a jog – a nice little 6 miler at the finish at my mums house Mum thought he was going to have a heart attack but he survived and all was well.

We had lots of fun playing sports and I let him win occasionally (didn’t want moral to go too low) I used to buy him sports socks and little gifts.. I said I liked aerobics socks and after hinting 2000 times I got these…. Exhibit A (judge Rinder would have something to say about this I am sure)= HOLD UP WORST PAIR OF SOCKS EVER !!!

But James really got on well with Simon and Simon seemed to like the little blighter, we had lots of fun Sundays at Simons parents house and Zara and James melted our hearts.

It was agreed, I was to become Mrs Fell and he was to Love me forever.

My dad though on our wedding day (well both of my wedding days actually) asked me did I want him to keep driving… “Scotland?” I declined both times and we had a lovely wedding day on the 10th July 1992

Phil was pregnant with Chloe, our friends (all 3 of them) came along – most of them are divorced now. Including my lovely friend Liz – point to Liz (Liz is the mojito maker = nothing to do with her divorce !!! )

It was sunny and my parents did a lovely garden party with gorgeous flowers and food (most of which was still in the fridge the next day) oops

Our honey moon was 3 days in the Lake District where is rained, apparently Simon had taken his first wife to Barbados, I have never let him forget this… So yippeeeee I am off to Barbados in November… Simon is staying home to look after the dog… Just joking we will have a lovely romantic time. Wont’ we Simon…. (give him a glare !!!)

So anyway – we’ve had our ups and downs like any marriage, sometimes Simon has breathed funny … (judge Rinder puts people away for that).. You know what I am saying here

Our lovely daughter Livvy came along to brighten our lives and is a mini me of her dad (not in looks Liv – just maths).

But Simon to me has been a Rock, he is a legend in his own life time, he is balanced and reliable and has been to more hospital appointments than any husband should have to.

He is the leader of our family, he is the bread winner and the ass kicker, he is the golf player, the shares mover, the one who we all go to when we need logic.

But you have our love Simon

I am here in my wedding Dress (size 12) bit tight but I am 56 (around the waist now lol)

I am standing here, saying to you.. Thank you for everything – You are indeed a legend, You are Simon Fell and we love you.

Please raise your glasses to the man with the 25 year putting up with Gill Certificate

SIMON FELL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps we never did have a first dance… don’t worry I’m not going to make you do one now. But our song is “Everything I do, I do it for you” from the Robin Hood movie.

But then , that music started playing and we had a mini first dance on our lovely decking 25 years later… It’s never too late is it.

So here’s a few more pics and I’ll put the rest in another blog… enough for now….

Have a wonderful day

Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

2 thoughts

  1. What a lovely story! I remember you telling me about meeting Simon, I had Stephanie and you had James and we would meet at St Jeromes Mother and Toddler group on a Thursday or maybe you told me at Gardner Road or at mine over a coffee. Well congratulations to you both, lots of love and happiness forevermore xxx

  2. Thank you lovely Karine, it seems like another life ago now. We had some lovely times way back didn’t we. Coffee chats and play time. It all seems surreal now. But thank you for reminding me. It’s great that we have love and our fabulous kids. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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