Spending time with my beautiful Royal Naval Physical Training Instructor Friend Heidi this week has been a real tonic. It’s the same when I meet up with Clare and I was wondering what it is that makes it so great to be in the company of these people.

I now know, I met them when I first joined the Navy I was young and fresh faced and eager for my career as a Physical trainer and it was my absolute joy to be in Her Majesties Royal Navy. (I watched Sailing and fell in love with a sailor called Spike!!!) Turns out he was married and jumped ship in America to be with his wife hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

However I was in the Navy, following in the footsteps of my Dad who served on the Cunard (Merchant Navy) and My Uncle Angus (my dads brother) who was a “Jack Dusty” in the Royal Navy.

The sea was in my blood, well water was anyway. I was raised until I was 6 years old on the Canal Bank (Leeds Liverpool) at Jacksons Bridge in Lydiate. I loved to be by the water.

So when I see my salty sea dog friends who when they were young entered the very same world as me, we fit together like gloves. We experienced the same torture during our training, we cried together and threw mucky socks at each other and saved each other up the mountain sides (aherm Heidi) (Heidi was chatting up the instructor at the top of the mountain and not taking in the rope that I was dangling off – leaving a loop) It was so funny recalling this – we were living in a mans world, battling everyday for our place – often being given the menial chores to do – Like Ironing the bosses Cricket Whites !!!! or being in charge of the tea boat !!!

As my professional career went on I feel now that I should have spoken out, stuck up for myself, been more confident.

My note to my younger self is

“Be more confident girl, know that you are awesome” But lately I have had the most fabulous aha moments and I have decided to enjoy a second Childhood.

I have tapped into my inner child (which has always been longing to come out to play) but she was grounded for years trying to be an adult and be all sensible and grown up…. BORINGGGGGGGGGGG

I am not saying I was abused as a child by the way, I’ve just decided to have more fun.

How about you? Are you going to come out and play?

What is it you would really love to do? I’ve found that blowing bubbles is a quick fix for a play out – Maybe that’s because I have proverbally burst a bubble of ill health that I was bobbing around in. Or is it that I love to see the colours and shapes and to see them pop when they reach a spikey leaf or plant pot?

Come out to play please?

It’s good to play. Also walking Netball has been a real tonic for me (Love that word Tonic, goes so well with Gin) – Back to netball, it’s been so good being part of a team again, I’m a bit lacking in team spirit at the moment.

The walking netball, gives you the opportunity to play a sport, pass a ball to your team mate, score a goal, be a tiny bit competitive (oops calm down girl) and cheer on your team when you score a goal. It’s a therapy, it’s an hour of fun, it’s getting the blood flowing, the joints moving and there is a rush of good chemicals that flow into your brain with that.

Then you have a coffee and a social chat with people from all walks of life, you jump out of your own four walls and enter the lives of others who have no end of interesting snippets to impart on you. You listen and revel in their ideas for their tea that night, you hear great things about how they strengthened their back muscles, you see the fun in their glowing faces after exercising, you feel the energy and the spirit of ONENESS that literally shines off them – like little beams of netbally goodness.

Walking Netball Photo

It’s on a Thursday Morning at 10am – I love Thursday mornings at 10. It’s given me a Thursday Morning Fabulousness play time.

The hastag #METOO gave me a massive shocking realisation that so many people have been abused in some way, verbally as well as physically.

Let’s make a decision right here and now to get our confidence strong, build up our inner selves, bring back the light hearted approach to our lives. Let’s be able to deal with people who are rude to us, or bring us down in some way. We don’t need to raise our voices or get hot and bothered.

We need to learn to speak our minds clearly and make our point, and know that we will be better for it.

You don’t need to put up with abuse. Burst that bubble and put a new one around you. Zip yourself up to negative people and you will gather a team of new, fresh thinkers, people who you really can relate to.

Meet people who don’t drain you but put a glow of energy into you that makes you feel amazing.

Lovely peopleLovely people in the world

Yesterday quite randomly I got a message from a lovely person who had helped me in a situation of getting a massive piece of furniture from Formby to Ainsdale at 9pm at Night on a Friday – in the rain !!! He was worth his weight in Gold – and yesterday the messages he sent me literally, filled my heart with smiles.

Thank you Maninavan !!! you are one awesome guy. THANK YOU.

Lovely people candles

Have the most amazing today and I’ll chat more another day.

But for now = Find someone to play with …OK?

Love to you all


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  1. Love reading your Bloggs. Articulate, thought provoking and generally good fun. Well done hon. Keep them coming, thank you. :)

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