Think Better Thoughts.

Yesterday I had a really good day that I would like to share with you, it was one of those days where it just got better and better and I am absolutely sure it was because the day before I had done a podcast about thinking better thoughts, which reminded me to …THINK BETTER THOUGHTS…..

Unless you are teaching all this positive stuff on a daily basis you cannot possibly remember to do all the things, that bring you to that place of better thinking.

At a Law of Attraction meeting recently I heard a story of a woman who had really struggled in life but had put better thinking and gratitude for what she had to the forefront of her mind instead of focussing on the bad times. Well that woman is a real inspiration, she has totally flipped her life around. The great thing is that she is young and she will benefit from this better thinking place all of her life now.



If we regularly get a habit of conciously thinking about what type of thoughts we predominantly think – we can learn to switch those habits into better thoughts. Creating a NEW THINKING HABIT !!!


How easy would this be – every day when we wake up we say to ourselves “Today I am going to think about my thoughts” ???



We can definitely change the way our life pans out by flipping our thoughts – now there is a whole lot of psychology that goes along with this which I am just not qualified to speak of – but I am hoping to interview on my tiny podcasts an interview with someone who can put some science to why this works.



That podcast went out on Wednesday and my thoughts were already expecting better things to randomly happen…. Well look at this little list of unexpected great things.

1. I had the most wonderful experience driving to Liverpool on Friday Morning, The massive Sun was rising, the heat of the sun hit the earth on the fields and mist was literally rising up from the fields – creating a mystical, beautiful feeling of total love for the world I live in and the area. I quite envied the commuters for they must see this all the time? I couldn’t take a photo because I was driving.

2. I had the pleasure of attending a day of Phil Steele’s Reiki, soul coaching and Hypnosis Training. This was in the Magnificent Port of Liverpool Building which gives me goose bumps every time I go in there. I Met my lovely friend in Mrs Danvers Cafe before it started and we chatted about a lovely opportunity that may be a fabulous thing for us both to do in the New Year (totally unexpected) Donna had been taking photo’s of the magnificent morning in Liverpool –

Mrs Danvers Cafe – COFFEE – CAKE – REVENGE – Well worth a visit.

I took this photo of the Liverpool Window… I thought of my dad who was in the Cunard and was so grateful for the experience of being in that part of Liverpool.

Port of Liverpool Building - Liverpool Window

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN IRRITATION DURING YOUR DAY !!! Think better thoughts….. The irritations will become less the more you practice.

Bag of idiots

Saw that one on my friends Keith’s page … made me lol.

3. I spent the day doing meditations and Reiki with 4 Reiki Masters and 3 level 2 reiki practitioners !! If you know Reiki you will know the energy that is exchanged !!! wow it was fabulous – I had no clue what was going to be on that day – it exceeded my expectations – must be because I put myself out there and expected it to be great !!! So it was.

4. I had a lovely catch up with my lovely friend Liz (my bestie from school) we sat in my house – sipped a few bubbles and eat (a healthy version) Pizza and salad – strawberries and watched a few episodes of Grace and Frankie on netflix !!!

Perfect end to a fabulous day….. Oh nooo there is more… “how can this be” I hear you cry hasn’t your day been uber fabulous enough !!!!!!!

5. Liz left about 9 to catch the train, 10 minutes later the door bell rang. I thought it would be Liz – missed the train but no. It was…..

LIVVY AND MIKEY !!!!!!! my daughter and her lovely boyfriend had secretly driven from Newcastle and surprised me !!!!

Soooooooo Being in a good thinking place is an awesome place to be.

Give yourself a thoughts challenge…

Every Morning for one week – Wake up and make a decision to flip bad thoughts to good thoughts.

I am going to

Have a great day with my heart filled with love for you. Thank you for reading.



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