Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

I have had the busiest week trying to get things done before I go away on Sunday, on my special 25th Wedding Anniversary holiday to Barbados. It really is amazing how much I can get done when I have a dead line !!! I’ve always been the same. If I have 3 weeks to do a job I will be doing it the day before in a hurry and wondering why I just didn’t do it 3 weeks ago !!! That ever happen to you?

Do you need that deadline to kick you into action? Is it that the energy of the job saps you because it’s a boring job, or just not giving you any form of excitement?

We all like to do what we like to do, but then what if we realise that we can achieve much more if we just force ourselves into action….. if you really know that sooner or later you are going to have to do that particular job anyway, why not move it to priority status with flashing lights or a party popper.

I’ve written lists (Massive chuckle) have you written jobs to do lists??? Where are they?

This is how it goes with me

1. Buy a lovely List pad from TK Maxx (max spend £4.99) that gets a good one (LOL number 1)
2. The excitement of having a new list pad makes you want to write a list
(LOL number 2)
3. Looking at the List pad and deciding where to put it so you can remember to do the jobs is yes… (LOL number 3)
4. Not doing the first job on the list because it’s boring and moving straight to number 6 on the list because its more fun (LOL number 4)
5. Get a new pen and cross out job number 6 because it was ACHIEVED !!!!!!!!! YAY (LOL number 5)
6. Look at list and decide it needs re-writing on a fresh page (and there’s a really good quote on the next page) (LOL number 6)
7. Admire new list (obviously without job number 6 because you actually did that one – so you have to think of another easy job to slot in (LOL number 7)
8. Decided that the quote about putting yourself in someone elses shoes isn’t really inspiring you – re-write on page with good quote which is in the middle of the pad – have a cup of tea and work out how to fold the pad so you can see the list without tearing it out of the pad (LOL number 8)
9. Add a dead line to the list jobs – give them all a time limit – but you spelt something wrong, now looks unsightly with a big cross through it (LOL number 9)
10. Lose pad in pile of un dealt with paperwork as you are having a quickie tidy up – Go back to TK Maxx to buy another Pad (LOL number 10)

Ok really i’m joking a tiny bit but list writing takes your time and if you could actually get a job done instead of thinking about it – wouldn’t that be the achievement – then you could give yourself a round of applause – and get another job done- energised and inspired by your own activation of energy.

(does anyone want a nearly new list pad or 2? hee hee)

Things to do pad


It’s a really great shift time for me (Law of Attraction readers will totally understand) but this means that mentally I am in a much better place to cope with the hundreds of things that are happening to me, for me, around me. This is happening because of the action I am taking to help myself. I am not perfect as everyone knows, nor do I want to be or indeed try to be.

But I realised that I was still suffering the mental pain of Others words and actions (remember the Betty Cousin thing) I realised that my mind was volatile and weakened so I have………

Been to see my doctor

I have seen a therapist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know bet you are all shocked …. but Gill is always so positive and up beat – yes yes yes this is my total mission in life and I don’t give away my misery to others and when I see YOU – I want to give you good energy to take away – that is my biggest mission in life.

Now I’ve only had one session !!!

The Lovely Therapist (she’s a clinical Pain management therapist) – I have a chronic back condition which has been really painful and nothing I do can make it better (de-generation of the spine caused by an injury when I was in the Wrens – now the nerve presses on to the bone and it’s a bit yeucky)… Telling you this so you know why. Moving on because that above admission is not part of me it’s happening to a Teddy bear somewhere in a far off land (just so the universe doesn’t give me more of the same – again LOA people will get that too)

IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND LAW OF ATTRACTION – stay with me on my blog, vlog, bodcast, broadcast, blog journey…….

Anyway the Pain therapist… she helps you with your mindset…. about the pain !!! marvellous just what I needed..

I do all this stuff on feeling good etc. But had I tackled the actual physical demands of this condition?


Therapy - HELP

She asked me what I needed help with – I said I want to adjust to my new physical state, I want to do exercise classes but everything makes it worse, I want to do the sports I used to do – but I am in so much pain after, even walking netball.

We chatted and all manner of things came out about the Betty situation, my sadness with people dying – trying to help people through difficult times, staying up beat myself………………. she told me this brilliant thing.

Imagine our emotional state was a BANK account.

This is my own interpretation by the way… I’ve added a few bits.

Lots of money …………less money………hardly any money…… Over drawn

So switch Money to your emotional state.

Lots of balance……..less balance…… hardly any balance….. over the edge

I understood…

We have only got so much that we can cope with before we break down. My emotional bank account needed topping up.

I told her the stuff I do to keep myself up there.

Meditation, Mindfulness, nature walks, boating, cabin, painting, etc……

She said I was an “Inspiration” !!!! and I could go and do a course to become a Brief trainer/coach !!! She gave me the details to look into it – because I told her I wanted to pass on what I learn to others who can’t get to a therapist or their doctor.

She is all in favour of sharing the good stuff. Please think about your emotional and your physical bank account. See where you are on it with an aim to getting back into the loads of …….

I think I want to try Bongo’s next !!! anyone want to join me????

Therapy - bongo's

So what’s this about other peoples shoes.

As a way of dealing with my own back problem – I decided to think about what it is really like to have a full on disability.

I am not in a wheel chair, I am not blind etc….

I am not deaf (fully)…. so this Blog is dedicated to the deaf community – I know this amazing lady called Anne Coghlan who is deaf.

So she can’t hear pod casts or hear the words on a youtube video… but she can read this blog.

So thank you Anne for making me think about you and others. And now my own disability seems much smaller making me add number 11 to my list of jobs

11. Be grateful for your life

Thank you for reading…

I will be doing some recording in Barbados – not to show off but to share with you when I get back.

I am finding my sense of Purpose

Shout outs have to go to…..

Anne Coghlan, Donna Thompson (Paul), Phil Steel, Keith Powell, John Gibbons, Simon Fell, James Fell, Olivia Fell……..

You really don’t know how much I appreciate you all.

Thank you heart


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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