Finding more of myself in Barbados and leaving a bit behind….

Did you ever hear the song lyrics “I left my heart, in San Francisco” Or as we used to sing “I left my harp, in Sam Planks Disco !”… It was funny at the time. Well I have not left my heart in Barbados, I have taken Barbados with me in my heart and it will stay there forever. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the most perfect place on the earth and where we were staying was far from perfect but the actual holiday it’s self was pretty awesome.


No idea

The End….

lol – Yes I am still finding myself really funny !!! But why indeed is a good question because when we arrived our room wasn’t ready (it’s a long way you just want to peel your jeans off and put a cozzie on and plunge into cool water)

So we went in for lunch….. it was the end of lunch and someone had stolen my rosie tinted glasses and everywhere looked shabby and sad. Simon and I looked at each other and the unspoken words of “oh crikey what have we spent all this money on, I knew we should have gone to Fuertaventura!!!!”

We were tired. We sat there with our fried fish and salad and said we can either pick holes in everything or we can decided to love everything.

Decision made… Simon was going to pick holes and I was going to make everything glossy and gorgeous !!!


The Above painting was my first port of call with my “I’m only going to see the good bits attitude” I thought yeah what do we have to worry about, we literally right now (please note I added lots of being in the now) We have no problems.

Right off to a good start, So I was looking at the folliage on the plants rather than the lifted paintwork behind the plant pot – I have a real skill at paying attention to tiny detail, which can lead to noticing a lot of stuff others bypass.

So I looked at the colonial fans, wafting cooler air down to us and went back to reception where we were given the room key and a nice young man to help with our bags.

The room……… OR Suite of Rooms…… yes !!! our little upgrade had not only given us a better room, but the best room in the whole Resort !!! We Mr and Mrs Fell were staying in…. THE PENTHOUSE !!!!!!! A lovely suite of rooms with a view on to the beach and the perfect vantage point for every sunset.

Now I wonder if that would have happened had I been a complaining old goat at reception (like another lady before me)…. no I was gracious and grateful and – I put my mind to expecting the holiday to be totally wonderful… and boom

Not only did we get the Penthouse but our room number came with privileges !!!!!

Pool side tables at all the restaurants (that’s the swimming pool btw, not the pool table)….

The View and the Sunset View !!! not bad hey?

So we wanted to go on some tours and guess what they were…. All Free – So we went on 2 Turtle Boat Trips (fabulous) A coral glass bottom boat trip, and a visit to the sister hotel for an amazing meal.

All good but the best bit was the Tour of Barbados by the most incredibly funny man “Ricardo” if you liked his tour or “Roger” if you didn’t. So laughing out loud was introduced very early into this holiday.

Especially when Simon sold me to a coconut seller for his 5 sisters and 2 brothers !!! Simon was delighted with the interest he had made on his investment (me) because previously he had only been offered 2 camels for me !!!


Ricardo works for Sun Tours by the way and I can recommend him totally, we had an absolute ball.

What I did leave behind in Barbados, was any negative attitude I may have been hanging on to, 4 lbs in weight – yes I trimmed up a bit (went to the gym every day, swam 4 times a day and eat healthy food) and I left a few items of my clothing and 2 pairs of shoes !!! Gave them to a lady to take to a charity shop.

So I will put a load of photo’s on now to share my holiday with you. Oh I also did a few pod casts whilst I was away. They are on Spreaker app – look for Gill Fell I’ll try and link…

My favourite bit was Dancing in the rain…. the video will be on my you tube channel…. oh and I invited the whole of a Bajan Rock Band to come and stay with us… so that will be a party and a half !!! (yes I did imbibe some red liquid)….. Started the dancing for a wedding … (couldn’t walk for back pain the day after, but if was so worth it for the thanks I got from the family)…

There is so much more, but I think this is enough !!!

I will be returning that’s for sure…

So thank you for reading.. Stay in holiday mindset and look for the good things in life. It really does bring you better things.

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