When Confidence plummets there’s only one Tee Shirt that will do the trick !!!

I seem to have super charged myself and am putting on more events and achieving more than ever and I am reflecting on what the heck has happened to me?

The only thing I can think of is that all the work I have been doing on myself to develop a stronger mindset has finally kicked in because I have persevered with the gentle daily activities such as meditation and going to the gym, well at least doing some exercise to get my blood pumping better.

I have pushed a few boundaries, done the Minds of Steel Event even though half way through advertising it my confidence did a nose dive and I tried to give the whole thing away to someone else. But I’m glad that they didn’t take it from me now because they actually don’t need to take it over because I will involve them if they want to be involved. That’s what I do. I include people.

The main reason I think that I have turned into a much more productive person is that I picked up a Super Woman T Shirt in the Charity Shop and have been wearing it !!! And What’s more is that I actually enjoy spinning around in Telephone boxes – The new age of Mobile phones is making me travel somewhat further to find one but never the less I am enjoying the wobbly feeling after the spin.


Apart from the mystery powers I am developing via the Tee Shirt I really think that the Pain Management Therapy Unit in Ainsdale has changed my life for the better. Because of a chronic back condition I have had therapy !!! yes real therapy from a professional Psychologist. This gave me a real opportunity to understand what was causing me to lose my confidence. To the outside world I was the most confident person on the planet but inside I wasn’t and I had tried other things to help me.

Now you can have a variety of therapy but this type was “Solutions Based” and it was really great at getting me to understand that I had to change the way I thought about my life. As a former Physical Trainer, Fitness Fanatic etc I was finding it really upsetting that I was limited physically now, and also managing the pain was difficult because I couldn’t play sports any more or do jogging (Running was my number one favourite past time – I was the female version of Forrest Gump) and yes “Life is like a box of chocolates”

I wanted to run, I like fast… fast talking, fast results, fast movement, fast everything. So what happens to a person when you are halted? It hurts. Mentally and physically.

Oh you may say well it could have been worse… and yes I totally agree but I had a little moment of flippin heck… I have 12 years of various operations and treatment, medicine and recovery then my back decides to get worse?

My confidence plummeted

Lack of confidence - chronic pain

Take a look at that chart – do you have pain? Do you wonder why you feel like you do? That may answer a few questions for you.

Lack of Confidence Image lady hides

This was me hiding when someone asked me about my next event !!!!! Noooooo

So the work I was doing as in Meditation and Reiki and Mindfullness had taken me to a level, but I needed to go further because I wanted to get back to work in the field of Mindset but how could I when my own mind was sad and feeling weak?

This is where I kicked in straight away with the idea of Solutions based therapy. I came up with solutions and pretty quickly because I really wanted to get myself back.

Whoosh I did the work, I took control, I planned and timed my day and I started achieving things again.

lack of confidence I Can

I booked the Mind of Steel Event in and set about writing my blogs and doing some podcasts. Pushing myself to find me again.

And very quickly I got back to my confident self.
Lack of confidence how amazing I am

Now I just need to stop at this level and enjoy being back in control of my thoughts again.

The point is that none of us are perfectly aligned and totally confident all of the time. We have days where it jumps out of the window.

Just because everyone on facebook looks happy please do not think their lives are as hunky dory as they seem.

So let’s get some solutions going for you if you need them.

Have a little think about what it is you would like to be doing better, is your confidence wrecked? Would you really like to get back to being a happy and productive person?

Well you can – honestly you really can and when you do the work you will feel much better than ever before.

Ways to be confident

Flip thoughts that go astray and start being mean to you – get rid of them do not process them.

ways to be confident

Choose yourself a lovely mantra of goodness and kindness for yourself.

Go and seek help if you need to. Is there a pain management team near you? Do you think it’s really too much and you need cognitive therapy (this is really fab therapy to help you get your thoughts much better)

Therapy is good

Therapy is our friend

Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Swimming Exercise clean food these are also therapy. Talking to friends, Going to a group, Seeing your doctor if things get really bad for you.

therapy psycology sky

So my friends, try not to expect to feel deliriously happy every single day, but do expect to be able to flip your thoughts to a better thinking place.

Give yourself a few minutes to assess yourself – how much are you struggling ? Seek help and start really helping yourself.

Be kind to ourselves

I am so happy that I am now running my small retreats with great people – I am learning so much and I am privileged to be able to pass on this great information to those who I meet.

If you are a very confident person I love you for it. Stay there and try and help some lesser confident people along the way.

If you are not a confident person try and find ways to work on it. Easy mantras are a really good start.

I am confident and I am learning that everyday I can become more confident and productive.

or something like that.

so here’s to our growing confidence. Let’s not worry about our Dippy Down moments and flip ourselves right back to Super Confident Us as soon as we can.

Big love from me to you


Positive Not Perfect

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Be happy and enjoy your journey.


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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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