Own Your Day the LOA Way…

Ah you know me I just love the Law Of Attraction and all it’s fabulous trimmings. The space you can find yourself in when you get into the Zone of it, is totally incredible. Infuriating for others who just seem hell bent on bursting your bubble but… oh yeah now when you just stick with it you really do reap the fruits of your belief.
It’s not normal for you to be completely happy all of the time, I’m not. Just because you see my smiling face on Facebook do not think that my life if just a bowl of cherries 24/7.

We will all have moments, hours, days, weeks, months, years where life does not seem fair, life is full of pain, illness, injury, hate, disgust, self loathing – the clever thing to work on is to recognise super quick when you are not enjoying your day

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Are you just in a mood that day or are their other factors affecting you?

Menopause, Empty nest syndrome, PMT,sadness, grief, feelings of worthlessness, serious pain, physical injury or disability, lack of self love, body hatred, feelings of dispair, lack of control, no clarity in life, overwhelm?

That feeling of total gloom, that you can’t shake off, you have tried to meditate but 10 seconds in you are in floods of tears hating yourself for even trying stupid old meditation !!! Woo woo be gone !!! moody moody moody…. hate hate hate, tired, exhausted, lacking….

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You literally feel like you are on the “Dark Side of the Moon” (for you young ones that was an epic song back in the day.

Or maybe the Moon actually is affecting you????? Woo woo indeedy !!

I personally here and now am coming out as a woo woo affected by the moon…. Oh crikey I am dangerous with my thoughts, energy (lack of) and can make terrible decisions if that magnetic ball of silvery light goes through a change….

Are you being affected by Lunar Madness?


You really have to know that crazy decisions can happen if you are affected in this way. Like me, giving away my little events and meet ups ???? Why would I do that… because for a few days every now and again, I start to feel useless, rubbish, no one wants to go anyway, who am I to be trying to help people, why would people want to come to my stuff??? etc. etc. etc. A total lack of self Confidence plonks itself right on my bonce. Squishes me into the floor and unfortunately with modern technology I can stay in and make bad decisions… Apologies to all those concerned !!!

Then …. as if by Lunar magic… It goes, but crazy as it sounds, I have linked these times with the cycles of the full moons, especially that pinky one that was a few weeks ago !!! Oh crikey, I love pink too.

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Any how, the essence is – recognise your dark days and do something about them, not just on that day, but every day.

Make it your mission to feel better.


Now swimming is well known for raising that “Feel Good” factor. It raises chemicals – the happy hormones etc. So if you can get swimming and if your cannot.



So close your eyes (not yet !! read this first) ok

I am getting my bathing suit on, and feeling like going for a lovely swim, i am stepping into the cool but bearable water and feel the clarity of the sense of freedom I am enjoying.

I push forward and take my first stroke, fully emerged in the beautiful clear waters, I breathe in and swim around enjoying every moment of being in the water and relaxing. I will swim here for a while longer and paddle about having fun. It’s up to me when I get out, I’ll swim for a bit longer and really get the endorphins going – I am starting to feel amazing. I love to swim.

Now ok just get out and get dried and dressed !!! See how easy that was. Virtual Swimming, you can do it on the train, plane etc. and you don’t even have to take a towel. In your mind you can shake a little dry off and walk along the beach of your choice to dry off.

Nothing beats the real swim though – so if you have the opportunity to swim then go.

I fancy wild swimming? If anyone wants to join me at various places please let me know.

So Owning your day is important. But do it the Law of Attraction Way. That is with gratitude and love and a huge self belief. You Ask for your day to be wonderful then expect wonderful things to happen for you.

Wake up with Intention to achieve stuff
Activate your energy – make a decision to be active
Make a list of your productive intentions
Eat good food
Drink Water

So happier happy you please.

Don’t think everyone is having more fun than you. Some will be but that’s ok. Find your level of happiness and try and be there as much as you can.

Love to you as always

Gill Fell



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Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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