Go on Retreat… or wack yourself with nettles !!!! (in a good way)

Ohhh I have just accidentally made my site very beige, oops but never mind. I feel I am at least having a go at improving things and very soon I am sure my lovely son James who is a complete genius at all things on the Computer will be able to help make my site look fandabbydozy …. I’m not in a rush with this that’s why I have not got it done yet.

Now in today’s blog I want to take a look at a few old sayings and talk about my experience yesterday !!! So let’s start with “Only fools rush in”

I am in my 58th year of life and on reflection I can quite categorically say that when I have rushed into things, generally they have not turned out that well, and I’m talking serious things like marriage and other less difficult to get out of stuff. If we don’t put enough thought into our actions quite often we can come a cropper. A lot of this is down to sheer impatience, the I want it now demand, a fear of if we don’t jump now someone else will eat our marshmallow. The Marshmallow thing is something I learnt ages ago about a test of delayed gratification – here’s the theory if you can read it….


But alas, in the past I have not been one to wait,,, I have yomped my way through more speed eating of marshmallows than you could shake a “wicked stick at” What ever that is !!

Now my life is more about slowing down my thought processes, but not to talk slow, its about considering options but to act also, its about making good decisions and not looking back, but reaching forward and trying things, new things and not being afraid to let go of the things that really do not sit right with me.

My mission that I have chosen to accept is to look after myself better, have more confidence, have a great love for my self.

It’s not selfish to pay attention to yourself… What’s in it for me is my new favourite expression?

Love yourself Beach 2

Yesterday I had such a great time with another Coach and now friend, a beautiful Mexican girl Adrianna Mendez-Snowden – we were chatting about the retreats I am running and she told me about one that she had heard about, all the normal stuff juicing, fasting etc. But the best bit was being “Wacked with nettles” Oh this made me laugh but I actually understand why this has to be done. The Nettle is a wonderful healing plant, it always gets bad press because of it’s stingy nature but if you take a look at what it can help you with you may also want to give yourself a good “Wack” giggle !!! NB you have to be naked so that the your skin gets stung !!! No cheating now…

The Stinging Nettle is no weed…. So please pay homage to this amazing plant of goodness next time you encroach on it’s personal space and get a sting…. That sting is helping boost your immune system, amongst other things… So being wacked with stinging nettles is not just a kinky activity it’s a scientific fact…

Nettles benefits

Here’s part of an article from Organicfacts.net
The most important health benefits of stinging nettle include its ability to detoxify the body, improve metabolic efficiency, boost immunity, increase circulation, improve energy levels, manage menstruation, minimize menopausal symptoms, and aid in skin care. Stinging nettle has the power to protect the kidney and gallbladder health, lower inflammation, increase muscle mass, regulate hormonal activity, prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, soothe hemorrhoids, and improve respiratory conditions.

So may your hemorrhoid’s be soothed !!! ouch

So have a fabulous day and go and pick a nettle and infuse some water !! (btw stay away from dog walking areas or you may get the health benefits of other stuff too !!! ) Wash your nettles well :)

Always yours


Gill Fell

Nettle Stinger

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In the morning you can have coffee or tea and we will do some mind mapping and planning – open discussions about life and motivation, raising energy, nutrition, exercise and lots of high vibe talking. Bring your own lunch the in the afternoon, you can paint, write, meditate, listen to music, chill out, sit out, sit in, sit in the cabin. Walk aroun…

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  1. I shall look at knettles in a different way from now on Gill. Not convinced that I am into whacking my skin with them though haha x

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