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Yesterday I wrote about self sabotage and the biggest thing that it has made me reflect on is that my health was one of the things I did the most damage to. I literally through poor nutrition, stress, drinking too much alcohol and over exercising I became very sick with the nasty disease beginning with C.

Whilst I was writing the blog, it didn’t really occur to me how badly I have treated myself over my life. Thinking that I was in the best shape because I was “physically fit” but really I was over exercising and not eating properly, drinking too much alcohol and stressing out over everthing.

But I’m not going to bleet on about this because I want to talk about Manchester Fashion Week Opening night on Monday.

I suppose it has triggered a thought about “What is healthy, what is beautiful”

I was invited to attend by Amanda Moss a PR expert who runs Lifestyle events, Fashion Weeks, Lifestyle Magazines, she’s an author and helps people become famous if they want to be. She also runs holistic retreats !!! She’s a busy one.

I like this woman.

She’s a tough cookie on the outside, she runs all these businesses and has 6 kids (who are gorgeous and talented btw) and a husband called Simon who is adorable.

She works hard – she takes some stick off people – I’ve seen it over the years there’s been a transition of this woman.

She spoke at an event I did and her opening words were “I am Awesome” – now I know that out there, reading this, yes you guys there will be a mix of people who hear a speaker say that and they will go “big head” or they will embrace the confidence and say “wow, you go girl”.

Which one are you?

This is her at the end of the opening night.


I want you to have a think …

A. How judgemental am I ?

B. Would I like to have more confidence?

C. Am I healthy and Happy?

So the actual event …. I scrubbed up at my house in Ainsdale and decided to wear vintage – as I am not a follower of fashion per say, I buy clothes I like but not really from High Street “Fashion” stores, nor do I spend a lot of money on Clothes, I love charity shops and used to own a Dress Agency in 2004 so second hand is fine with me.

I settled on this gorgeous dress which I picked up in the Oxfam shop in Bold Street Liverpool for £14.99, put it with some primark Pink shoes, Tk Maxx Bag and a Wardrobe boutique pink pom pom shawl.


It was boiling hot in Ainsdale, but when I arrived in Manchester is was teaming down with rain !!!! I had not brought a brolly so had to meditate in the car to bring the rain to a halt – I didn’t want to walk in like a drowned rat. Although the heat mixed with menopause, throw some rain at it and I would have entered positively steaming ….. Hot stuff eh

This is my rain stop now face….


I knew that I probably would be the oldest person at the fashion show but I felt that age is a great thing and I am much more Helen Mirren now than Madonna.

Decisions are being made about my style, I loved owning a shop and dressing people up. I like to look nice and so it took a level of confidence to mix the turquoise and gold with a staggering hot pink.

I realise when I got there that I had over dressed (lol) it was a much more casual affair, but there were some people wearing the most gorgeous outfits.

Elina Elinchix wore a self made yellow slash neck top with the most adorable blue – sort of 50’s style skirt.

The show was a complete mix of styles and I will just post some photos but the whole show is on their web site. Link will be below….


A big shout out for all the models, I used to love modelling clothes = My PE teacher laughed at me at school when I said I wanted to be a model.

You see PE teachers, how you can knock the stuffing out of people !!!

Let’s not give a Rip what people say to us anymore.

Hey you reading this… Love at your beauty, whatever size you are, whatever facial hair you have (well maybe not !!! ) not judging you just make the most of your assets.

Happiness and confidence and a sound mind leads to good health.

Being a healthy weight is important

Gentle exercise to oxygenate your beautiful cells is super important.

Well done everyone at Manchester Fashion Week… YOU ROCK

Most of all STOP SELF SABOTAGE – mental and physical health go hand in glove. Make sure you are in a sound mind and a healthy body.

I loves ya


Gill Fell
Positive Not perfect


Liverpool, GB
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I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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