Can a broken bone lead to a healing soul


This week I have had the privilege of spending time in our great British National Health Services – fabulous Accident and Emergency department in the Formby and Southport Hospital. It appears my own doctor…. aka Dr Simon Fell missed diagnosed my injuries on Tuesday when I fell down the garden steps… He came home early because I phoned him and asked him to take me to Accident and Emergency on the advice of the local dr who I had a phone appointment with….

However Dr (not really a doctor) came home and assessed my injuries and because I am not a squealer he decided that I was fine. Yes a sprain on my right ankle but just a bit of bruising to my left leg… So I begged him to go and get me a pair of crutches and some Arnica Cream and I continued to Elevate and Ice the injuries. He watched the football.

So next day before he went to work … guilt obviously overcame him and he went to the doctors surgery and not only made me an appointment but came with me, to his surprise the beautiful dr told me to go to where… yes you got it A&E

Dr Fell looked at my “Told you so” face of love and scooped me into the car took me into the hospital and left me there so he could get off to his important job in Liverpool.. (I told him to go because I knew I had a purpose being there and it was not to entertain him)…

He got me a coffee and gave me some change for more drinks if required… Such love

Much later that day…

I have met a lovely woman and given her some advice about moving on from a nasty person in her life …. she had a cut finger
I met another lady who I taught to breathe into her pain – chopped the end off her finger at work… ouch
I met a lovely radiographer – …. his name….. well of course his name was ZEN

I had no idea his name was ZEN and I told him I was going to meditate whilst I was being x rayed and that I was having a lovely time at the hospital, relaxing and using the time to be grateful. He just gave me a magnificent smile and I knew that messages were being heard loud and clear.

Listen to my own intuition and knowledge of my body (ignore Dr Fell)

husband image

On the way back to the fabulous doctor and his assistant in A & E we went past a particularly large person and the smell of toast wafted past my nose…. I looked at Dr Allen and he said no, “Do you know how long you can fast for?, he saide 365 days with water and salts” well that put me in my place. We went on to discuss intermittent fasting and how it works and talked about gastric bands on the NHS – he said “just fast people” it will cure them of many diseases and help the NHS at the same time. He was brilliant told me to buy a book called the Obesity code and I did. It’s all about insulin.
The balance of sugars. It is a really good read.

I was learning stuff, this was turning out to be a very productive morning.
Then my x ray results came back and with the love of a father, the Dr broke the news to me that my fibula was broken and I was going to have to have a cast put on. He looked at me with sorrow and I smiled and said … “fabulous, let’s get a glittery pink one” I had seen a little girl with a broken arm – her cast was pink glitter. He laughed and said I’d have to behave myself in the waiting room and maybe ….

During that wait I said my gratitude prayer and thought that a cast would be lovely and that it was curable – I was going to have fun with a cast on my leg, noting would stop me enjoying myself.

"Are you sure you're ready to get back on the ice?"

I also fasted for lunch and dedicated my lack of food to all the starving people in the world.

I went on ebay and purchased the Obesity Code and ordered a gypsy, boho skirt, as I was going to need a new wardrobe of flow clothes, as you cannot squeeze a pair of jeans over your fat cast.

So basically I was already taking control of my new situation. It turned out luckily that where the break in the bone is allows me to have a bandage type thing on not a full leg cast … woo hoo, my easy flow mind had made it easier already.

bird on crutches

The lovely doctor asked me once I was bandaged up if my husband had come back yet, and I breezily replied that he was on his way !!!

Out I hobbled on my crutches to wait in anticipation for his return… He was in disbelief that his diagnosis was wrong…. Back to fake med school for him

But I was happy – already thinking of how I could do more meditations and practice my healing and once it was possible go in my yurty room of relaxation.

The world was good, and then I remembered I was meant to be going to Portugal on holiday in 4 days. Ohhhhhhh that was a moment, just a fleeting moment of self pity…. curl bottom lip and sniff…

However I looked at the weather and it was deffinately showing that the sun was going to be shining her so it was a job of cancelling flights etc. Which Dr Fell has taken care of.

Holiday broken leg woman image

I really wanted to go on the hols and not let a mere broken bone and sprained ankle stop me… but sense took over and I am staying put, so that I can completely focus on healing and elevating the injured parts….. guilt free Netflix and lazing on the sun sofa yeah !!!

So all in all I am rocking this broken bone thing, mainly because I think that its nowhere near as bad as the feelings you have when you are up against cancer. That’s a whole ball different ball game and I implore people who are in that place to adopt the healing principles I bleet on about.

All in all I am delighted to be having all the love from my facebook and Instagram friends, my meet up pals and all those lovely people who blossom and flow with love.

I reflect on the last few days and literally do a silent yeeeharrrr, because I have proved to myself that doing the meditations, getting a healthy strong mindset ad the ability to reach out to the right people when you are in need, really works.

My mindset was switched within a few minutes, lying on the grass in my garden, this then transformed itself into a whole reach to the universe, gods, angels, saints, spirit guides and all those who have my back. I connected from my heart, I connected from my soul, my bone may be broken but my spirit is elevated even higher.

Thank everyone for the reaching out to me. I appreciate you.

Gill Fell
Positive Not Perfect


Liverpool, GB
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