Live your life, like you are a human sunflower…..

This week has been amazing, it is a week today when I took the tumble of life change (again lol)

I have decided to wake up to the fact that sometimes with myself it takes something drastic for me to get back to sensible. I start to get this I can conquer the world head on and start racing off in all directions to achieve my unknown ambitions (well saving the world is one of the smaller ones). But the almighty Universe has a way of striking me into submission – is this because I have always joked about “give me a wack with a wet kipper if I do this… smash me in the chops if I turn into that…. hmmmmm ”

So who said break my leg bone and give me a sprained ankle? Well who ever it was wont admit to it? And all I want to do is say thank you.

gratitude sunflower

This amazing woman called Elaine Bonfrer sent me a little message and in it, it said the most amazing words

“You are like a human sunflower” …wow I am dining out on this one for a long time. I think it is one of the very loveliest things anyone has ever said to me and since then 10 actual sunflowers have turned up in my home. This morning I reflected on the qualities of a potential “human sunflower” and realised that they make you smile, they exude sunshine, they are huge and their loveliness is not a regular shape or size, they are strong in the body (stalks like tree trunks hmmm) and produce a nutritious seed of goodness…. and I am likened to one of these – So thanks to Elaine I am taking a bit of that compliment and attaching it to my very soul. Some extra self belief always goes a long way. So thank you for that my lovely friend.

Lucky image

I feel that I am always being saved, caught, held by some higher force than me and as I am relaxing into a new mindset of wellbeing I am completely awash with the magnificence of how it feels to know that “All is Well” no not just well but super well with cherries on top.

I am bouncing back quicker and quicker each time I have a little blip in the proceedings.

You know I love blowing bubbles and playing out, well I think I’d like one of those “Space Hoppers” – as I can’t exercise because of my back problem I have been looking for alternatives – bouncing on one of those I am sure must have some physical benefit. I will not bounce near steps though (lesson learnt)

So this is just a tiny blog to say THANK YOU and I will endeavour to be a good sunflower in human form and I think that I am surrounded by other beautiful Sunflower humans. So I will leave you with my gratitude movie that I made a few years ago.

Have the most amazing day


Positive Not Perfect

The Human Sunflower in the making with gratitude


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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