Incapacitated physically but mentally like a baby monkey who has just learnt to swing on the branches of the tree of life……

Crikey Moses (is that still an expression of !!!!), being physically stopped by an illness or this time a cracked bone in my leg it stops you from leaping about with the grace of the young gazelle, prancing down Station Road in Ainsdale to buy provisions from the local shops, or depositing yourself on the public transport of, not, luxury (the train) and wandering around our city Of Liverpool taking in the sights of TK Maxx and Marks and Spencer, or if you are feeling that you have had enough mixing with the hoi polloi, then move up market and head over to John Lewis where you will be mixing with the people with bigger credit limits and a vision of grandeur (Have to admit I do love John Lewis).

Note to me… visit the museums and art galleries soon – stop being a HP (hoi polloi) what you have never heard of them?

hoi polloi
ˌhɔɪ pɒˈlɔɪ/Submit
the masses; the common people.
“avoid mixing with the hoi polloi”
synonyms: the masses, the common people, the populace, the public, the people, the multitude, the rank and file, the lower orders, the crowd, the commonality, the commonalty, the commons, the third estate, the plebeians; derogatorythe mob, the proletariat, the common herd, the herd, the rabble, the riff-raff, the canaille, the great unwashed, the many, the ragtag (and bobtail), the plebs, the proles, the peasants
“royalty are reluctant to let the hoi polloi into their homes”

OH I have had a proper giggle at what Hoi Polloi actually is “the great unwashed” ahhhhh lol how very rude !!!!

I have never been a person who classes people, I like people, if they are nice rich or poor and let’s face it, having money doesn’t make us nice. However, I am sure that when I win the euro millions I will get even nicer :) just to prove that loads more money can make you nicer, well more generous anyway…

Some people are just rude – some people are just judgemental – they are not the pretty ones. It’s no bad thing to have a little scan over your personality and make a few surgical incisions to pull out the bits that need removing, be honest we are all human and a perfect personality would make us really boring. But and this is a big but (not a big butt) but, we could sprinkle a bit of “Be Nicer” dust over a few areas of ourselves…. Hmmmm?

I’ve been reading lots of snippets from my books and I love the way Napoleon Hill writes and speaks about making yourself more likeable. I reflected on this and decided to make a few amendments. This is what I do in my spare time… crikey too much of it at the moment – really I should be continuing the de-cluttering of my home but because of the leg and ankle thing (now my back has decided to spasm – I’m sitting here rigid because it sneaks up on you) – physical things will have to wait.. Unless I could use the visualisation tidy up system of uber positive thinking… I could visualise Simon tidying up and clearing out all the clutter? Now there’s an idea, ooops what a fantasy mind I have. But If I ask then surely Law Of The Universe – it will surely deliver…It will be done.

So Yes I’ve been making myself more likeable…. (smug look on face) have you noticed? Is this why you like me a bit more than you did? Please say yes, because then my monkey mind time, has not been wasted. I am that baby monkey at the moment, swinging branch to branch on the great Tree Of Life, loving the new freedom that comes with being grounded (literally, me not the monkey) and giving my mind a lovely chance to relax and renew-

…. so pack it in baby monkey mind mover, little tinker, let me meditate without a million new ideas marching in there, like the Grand old Duke of York turning up to my lovely freshly cleaned tree, branches all bleached and ready for new, when Old Yorkie rocks up with his band of merry men and splatters a shed load of clutter and rubbish that I then have to spend time, my time, my precious time, ticking, during my one lovely shot at life….

Head clutter be gone….. Let my monkey swing and take a duster up there so that every new branch of my own Personal Tree Of Life, will be squeaky clean and energised.

Like yourself

But not everyone has to like me, not everyone has to like you.
Nice bitch button
In fact the happier I get seems to really annoy some people (he he oops)

So I am going to finish here and write some of my book….

Why not tell the baby monkey to have a day off today, so you can relax your mind and if you cannot motivate yourself to go to the gym then get a cold glass of water and visualise yourself, running through a meadow as your exercise and doing a lovely yoga session, followed by some serious napping.

Remember it’s all in your head.

love ya kids


Gill Fell
Positive Not Perfect

Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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