Team Spirit

I remember learning the words of the PTI Prayer (PTI is a Physical Training Instructor – Royal Navy). Part of this set of delicious words were….

“To Foster Team Spirit”

I love team spirit
Being part of a “Team” does bring about a feeling of belonging, you are part of the same message, sport, business, hobby, etc. You share a belief, community, the shared will to succeed, the same goal.

So whilst the World Cup Football is on, the sun is hot (British Summer gone bonkers) we are experiencing the camaraderie of being on the same side (for once).

I am absolutely sure that when England are playing football, the whole country gets behind them, even people like me who gave up watching football because of the abuse from players, supporters alike.


Team Spirit is what we crave, as humans we seem to thrive when we are part of something, something greater than us, we become the small parts that collectively wants the bigger part to succeed. The power of the energy behind being in a team is huge.

My study of Vibrational Energy also leads me to believe that we are watching and supporting and hoping, wishing and praying that our team wins. When that victory comes our energy levels soar, like a bird – we activate those happy chemicals, we score a goal, people who never leave the sofa leap into the air, like young mountain goats they traverse across the living room (or lounge!!!), celebrating the success of “Our Team”.

“Our Team” for once we are all batting for the same team. ( I know that footballers don’t use a bat) but you get the point.

It’s a togetherness, its a simultaneous combustion of being one, that goal for us means everything for that split second of joy brings us a connection, we fit, we match, we are joined in mutual celebration. Because were on the same team. We are creating happy chemicals, we know the regular ones, Seratonin, dopamine and endorphins but here’s a little beaut for you.

Oxytocin is the hormone that allows us to bond with others. A review by Inga Neuman suggests that oxytocin contributes to relaxation, trust and psychological stability. Oxytocin is the ‘love’ chemical. When we care about the people we are with and we feel safe and supported, oxytocin has a chance to do its magic.

So are we just creating some wonderful OXY luuurrve chems ????

With sport (please footballers and supporters behave like gorgeous humans who love each other)…. Ok

Normally we all support different teams so the level of love is smaller. When it’s a national event we are all pulling together, this is the strength of team spirit.

Some people call people their Tribe (I think this should be left to the Native Americans) I hate to be classed as in someones Tribe…. But if it works for you then lovely jubley.

I am a team player, My team of people are those who are on a journey to be happier, more positive and what’s more work together for the greater good of themselves (first) and others.

It is a wonderful shift when you realise that you are being helped and helping = it’s an equal passage of give and take.

So get involved supporting your team, but learn to lose well.

Start to look for the movement of your own chemicals, see what you do that makes you feel happier, maybe part of something, a team member.

Foster your own team spirit with your own family or friends or groups. Pay more attention to how you feel being part of that team.

So here’s to winning for England and us enjoying our happy Chems.

So much love from me to you.


Gill Fell

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Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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