The Learning Curve

What a curvier curve this gets to be as you morph into a “how do you do that again” menopausal, nearer 60 than 50 me person. It’s not just the Rhubenesque curves either, its the big learning curves as the world changes so rapidly around us. It’s so hard to keep up.

I am trying my best to keep up with technology and doing, I think quite well. But just lately because I really want to write and film and podcast, the curve of Magnificent learning has uncurled and pronged itself upwardly and looks more like a pointy ended skewer – teasing me and jabbing me every now and again, meanly reminding me that I am self taught and my brain struggles to find the recently downloaded photos or funny clip, I waste so much time remembering where on the saved files things actually are. I feel for those who are even older than me, like proper oldies.


My 80 year old mother by the way has an ipad which drives her batty sometimes but she is on facebook and instagram so it really can be a good thing.. Well done Patricia Williamson, keep trying the new stuff.

Yes it can be hugely frustrating at times, but going on the John Lewis sale page is like so important to us who love a browse but can’t make it into town.

We really do need to keep stepping out of our comfort zones, slow down a bit and read things more than once to get it into our mature brains. (Sometimes it seems impossible to learn the thing but normally after 57000 goes it sinks in. You look at teaching a dog stuff, they learn eventually. Well I am that puppy brain right now. Really have got to believe that the stuff I am struggling with, if I persevere it will sink in.

old person at computer puzzled face

Now did you look at that image and think, aww bless she can’t do it? Well no she’s fed up because John Lewis haven’t got her size in stock of the latest sketchers.

So here’s to all us “Mature” people – keep having a go and let’s ask now for assistance – I mean we can’t be brilliant at everything

Old person - T shirts talk to old people

Us older generation, I’m now 57 have learn’t from the even older generation and now the younger generation really owe it to us to give us a bit of a heads up on the stuff we just cannot get our heads around.

old and young selfie

Like how to get the best angle on our selfies, or use these apps that make us look young and fresh.

old man newspaper young boy lap top

Times are changing super fast, but I still like the Sunday Newspaper, the ink on your fingers and the sound of the crumpled pages as you not so neatly fold it back. Plus you cannot use your Ipad to put the ashes in after the fire burns down?

Just this week I stepped right out of my comfort zone to start my video interviews with inspirational people – they have been met with great success for now – but I want the world to meet this people so my next curve is how to attach things, so you can link into them and see them for yourself – OR chips !!! YES WRAP YA CHIPS IN YA MACBOOK !!!!!!!

Oh dear a little moment of grrrr but It’s all good now.

I’m going to keep learning and what I can’t or don’t want to learn I will ask young people to do for me. Like Stephi LaReine, she is a lovley clever young girl and made my blog look super pretty and professional. Whereas when I tried it looked very, beige.

Please watch this mature woman have a go – keep willing me to learn as my brain takes its time – know that your mum struggles like me and you hopefully will be our age one day and you’ll have to learn to fly a space ship because by then technology will have gone completely bonkers!!!!! (Ha you see, more difficult technology will come and you whipper snappers will have to google it yourselves). Sorry did that sound smug? Well I guess it was a little bit.

So here’s to the curve of learning and all who try new things.

I applaud you – have a go – or maybe even extend the generous hand of help to those who need it explaining for the umpteenth time 😂😂😂

I had a lovely coffee catch up with the gorgeous Mexican life Coach and public speaker Adriana Mendez Snowden who just cannot help but give of herself to inspire others. Sometimes the messages you hear loud and clear. Even though we were just catching up, I got a lovely feeling of confidence and a mutual appreciation that really did me good. When you have an illness or an injury, you need to keep yourself upbeat, you need these great people to visit you and keep you happy. And it was a privilege to spend time with her.

Here she is on my lovely garden sofa.

Adriana in the garden

By the way, that the photo of Adriana, was taken on my i phone, so I had to messenger it to myself and then download the photo off messenger on my laptop to save it to my pictures, then find it, add it to the word press media library and then put it on this blog.

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE….. go me !!!!!! Taking a bow and move on.

It really is important to take small victories and put them into a moment of “YES!!!!” Because as we get older we can forget how well we are doing. If you are a young one reading this then give yourself some credit too. Maybe give a bit of praise to your grandmother for getting an ipad and being a whopper on facebook !!! That takes skills (no I’m not talking about you mum !!! )

Then I had a visit from a fab coach called Michala Leyland who only lives around the corner from me, I feel as thought I know her because of our interactions on Twitter !!! yes Twitter, another small victory parade. She was wonderful to sit with and chat to. And invited me to speak at her Bizmums network group so how delightful is that.

After her, my gorgeous friend Donna Thompson came and made me a delicious lunch with chicken kebabs and salad. Thank you Donna, that was totally lovely. We obviously put the world to rights and have come up with a master plan for a way to help others… Watch this space.

Then Carl Foster popped over with his guitar, he is an awesome fellow that I met 3 years ago at one of my Inspire Yourself Now, Law of Attraction with Uber confidence meet ups. He has been an inspiration because he is basically a musical genius. He brought his guitar and did a little interview, my very first youtube Inspirational people interviews… What a priviledge (the link is at the end I hope ) he he. His music is changing lives by giving our brains a work out. Binaural Beats has been going for years but Carl and his team are putting together an amazing vibe that is so good to listen too whilst you are making your mindset stronger. My favourite is Alphabells, Its on loads of music outlets now, like spotify, itunes, google music etc. It helps the brain become more logical and hits the tones that develop the release of good brain chemicals. Obviously I’m no scientist but it works for me.

Great people just keep turning up for me. I am attracting the worlds best people.

This is Tessa Garland and she’s starting a blog for Nurses called the Nurtured Nurse and I can’t wait to read it – what’s good for nurses is good for us all… so true that.

The interview with Tessa is on my brand new YouTube Channel so check that out – obviously I have not a clue how to paste the link – but you never know by the end of this blog post it’s possible that I learn how to ??? (yes a youtube channel !!! Big victory dance of joy)

It’s so much fun learning stuff… apart from the moments when you just can’t seem to get it and want to sling your device out of the window – you think about ringing your kids again to find out again how to do the thing – then you remember google it, but it’s so difficult to focus on the words that are like a foreign language to you. Also you realise that your reading glasses just don’t seem to be strong enough anymore.

It’s quite exhausting , your tiny brain frazzled and you still can’t find the photo you downloaded 2 minutes ago … hmmmmm

However, it’s a modern day and I’m a modern if a little mature woman, who has a can do attitude and a will do mindset.

So I have downloaded, pasted, copied (or the other way around)- written on a blog site. Shared photo’s, images, put the blog in the diary section and so much more… Phew, time for a nana nap.

Life is good and Learning keeps us young.

Love and Learning from my heart to yours


Gill Fell

Here are some links

MY VERY FIRST YOU TUBE INTERVIEW WITH MY AMAZING FRIEND CARL FOSTER = Positive Audio can be found on all your music channels I use spotify

MY SECOND YOUTUBE INTERVIEW WITH TESSA GARLAND – The Nurtured Nurse Blog out 13th July 2018


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