Put your best foot forward… but which one?

Gill Fell best foot forward

Having some time out over the last 3 weeks since clumsy Tuesday where I sprained my right ankle and fractured my left fibula, I have had the most amazing time of growth. I have had time,because I literally have been stopped in my tracks, well maybe not literally as I was in the garden and not on a track. However this act of what could be perceived as unlucky has actually brought me a blessing. A time to sit and a time to reflect,but mostly a time to get back to what I know works for weight management.

The pick of my CV, my fav job was by far the “Slimming Club” that I started at Maghull Health Studios after I had daughter Livvy. I didn’t want to work full time so I became a Fitness Consultant. My role at the studio which at that time was booming with step classes, aerobics, leg warmers and g string leotards. I used a system called Fitec, which was the most groundbreaking fitness assessment at that time. I got to sit with people and run them through a series of tests to see how their overall health was doing before they embarked on gym sessions and mad classes. I used bio-electrical impedence to explain their body composition and take their blood pressure. I remember a lady years later, telling me that I had saved her life. She explained that I gently told her that her bp was high and that it would be a good idea to get it checked at the dr surgery. It turned out it was dangerously high and she embarked on a strategy to bring it down. Which she did and she expressed her gratitude.

High Blood Pressure is common, sometimes we just don’t know we are walking around with it, it sneaks up on us, over the years of bad eating habits and a lack of proper exercise. It’s a silent killer.

We rarely get the opportunity to “stop in our tracks” until we get something chronic that actually does physically stop us. Like a real illness, heart attacks and strokes can be a result of this blood pressure rise. Our arteries are clogging up, we seem intent on ruining the chances of our blood rushing through our veins. We carry on with our bad eating habits and sedentry lifestyles.

Clogged Arteries

We insist on putting into our body’s the types of foods that not only store in our fat cells but start a wrecking game with our bodies. We just don’t have the education about food and why it is important to stay a healthy weight. Its all about how we look, not how we look on the inside.

But don’t worry, stress is also not the best for clogging up our arteries, we produce bad chemicals whilst stressing and a whole heap of reactions start taking place.

We need to lift our heads from out of the sand and start loving our bodies properly, not just on the outside by putting a bit of slap on or our fav aftershave. Let’s get back to educating ourselves properly, then once we have the full facts, the understanding of what we are doing then we can deal properly with our insides. Have we imagined what a heart attack feels like? A consultant once said there’s worse than cancer you know? A stroke, a proper full on stroke, where you cannot move but you can still think, you cannot communicate unless it’s with your eyes. He quietly said, “Look after your arteries”

It’s mainly processed foods we should avoid, processed meats and jars of stuff, take always and foods that we have not chopped or prepared ourselves.

clogged arts reverse

Make a start, we all have internet access, start looking at what it takes to have a healthy blood, running through healthy veins. But go easy with it.

Don’t start jogging for miles or doing HITT (crikey I cringe when I see this).

Let’s go back to the olden days (the 90’s for me) low impact exercise, protect your joints, walking, swimming etc. Gently ease your blood through your veins again. Get a stronger heart.

I love the thought of my heart pushing out blood for me, I don’t even have to ask. There’s a thing called “Stroke Volume) and that in my very basic terms is explained like this. With every heart beat, your body learns how to push more blood through. So your volume of blood increased therefore making a healthier cardio vascular system. (Thank you dr Fell)

Why not today reflect on yourself. It’s a fab, self love thing to do.

* What do I eat?
* How do I serve my body?
* What changes can I make to help me become healthier

So here’s to us putting our best foot forward. No matter where we are in life, what is happening to us, we should look at the consequences of our actions. Assess ourselves with a harsh look at our own reality. What do we put into our bodies?

Let’s not wait until we have serious illness to make the changes. Self love is more than just looking in the mirror and thinking nice thoughts about your face. Real self love is connecting thoughts about how to feed your body, mind and soul properly.

Good food, good thoughts and a connection to yourself.

My suggestion is that you dedicate a week to education about what actually is healthy and make a start on being more active, choosing better foods, drinking less alcohol, less coffee, less sugar, processed foods, take away meals.

And start adding good stuff. Fresh, raw foods, salad, you cannot go wrong with the rainbow Idea of eating. Mix your colours on your plate.

Yes, it’s more effort but I honestly can tell you that it’s worth making the changes now before you get the chronic illness.

If you have a well woman, well man, offer at your dr surgery, then do it. Find out what your blood pressure reading is, your cholesterol (make sure you get the understanding of both readings LDL and HDL), if they have bio electrical impedence to look at your viceral fat then have that done too.

Then make the changes.

Or just do it anyway, you will feel better than ever. Throw a bit of a pro-biotic your way too and your gut will happy and you will live to walk down that hypothetical track for the foreseeable future.

I am not a doctor and I do not profess to be one, but I do know that looking after yourself is really important, that food can kill us or heal us.

So next time you want to treat yourself, don’t reach for the crisps or cake, go to a yoga class or have a reiki treatment.

Choose a proper gift for yourself – reward yourself with love

Respect your body and your mind.

loving you,loving your blood rushing around your very healthy cardio vascular system.



Gill Fell
Positive Not Perfect



Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for this Gill it came synchronistically to me this evening

    I’m enjoying yoga so much, I go 5 times a week. I have given up coaxing Mike, though I tried and tried. He’s a man, he’s a Virgo, he’s the eldest of 6, he’s the leader of the pack, he’s the boss, he knows best, right?…quick fix solutions are his thing, disconnect with a glass of wine or two

    Meanwhile he’s had to go on blood pressure tablets as we are going through a business transition that ideally should be for his benefit, but at the moment he’s working out new systems and it’s very time consuming and harder than ever!

    I’m using my inner guidance system and becoming more and more discerning these days. I had just finished a long email to a friend of his when I read your words. It felt like an affirmation. Thanks Universe! Read Gills blog – ok – The Friend had a weekend planned and we are invited, along with a band of merrymakers Mike and I don’t really know. My intuition has been telling me all along not to go. I finally got round to making no it clear that I had decided I’m not going. I can’t decide for Mike but he said he understands my feelings.

    Our friend was miffed, we were the honored guests he said! He later reveals he wasn’t fully “with it” when he replied.


    I just feel Mike needs calm during this transition with work, not craziness! I can’t decide for him, and he might still go without me, to please his friend. Or he might use me as an excuse to back out. Whatever….I’m paving the way forward and I’m voting for Yoga, healthy eating, swimming and love… perfect balance.

    He can follow my lead or follow his own. I’m kind of afraid of a split in the path, but I’m going to ask my angels to watch over him. They heard me once already this week.

    One things for certain, I’m going the healthy route.

    Thanks for the affirming inspiration!

    Love you

    Karine xxx

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